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  1. Angel

    White ADL required

    My potential employer has a copy a of my pink ADL, I never received the white one and eventually had to go back and get another copy which I know may or may not ever come in the mail. They are requiring I have the white copy prior to beginning to work, essentially could I not just copy the pink...
  2. Angel

    Reaching out

    So if you or a co-worker had a difficult call, would you prefer to be left alone or silently hope someone reaches out? Im struggling on the other side, if this person isn't bothered at all I don't want to trigger them, but if having them vent to me could help...I want to. Im not quite sure what...
  3. Angel

    Code 3

    or lights and sirens...for clarification Im going to try and make this as short winded as possible. But I am curious about medicals, and when people decide to go code 3. my situation was a 35 YOF hx asthma, basically having an asthma attack all day refractory to home meds and was continuing to...
  4. Angel

    Gunman kills 2 NYPD officers then shoots himeself

    Not sure how to insert the whole article but this is INSANE!! Read his Instagram (?) posts on the side
  5. Angel

    To transport or not to transport

    What would you do? In a pedi arrest I know what I THINK i'd do, but I've havent had to make that decision yet. And on the same foot about allowing family in the back in these situations. Situation dependent, but in general if they aren't causing a scene or getting in the way (on codes) and the...
  6. Angel

    Male Diff breathing

    Here's another one. A call my colleagues ran I'm curious what you all would do differently About 1030 in the morning, you are dispatched to a residence for a male appx 67 years old who initially had difficulty breathing and an updated page says he is currently unresponsive. You enter the house...
  7. Angel

    woman down

    I'm bored so here's a scenario It's the middle of a sunny afternoon and you are dispatched to a bus stop for an unresponsive female. as you and the engine pull up, you see bus security wave you in and hes pointing to the patient. that's all you get for now.
  8. Angel

    New Medic-ideal EMS system

    question for the vets... i have 3 test/interviews for medic positions coming up. and am waiting for a response from another one. as a new medic i find myself wanting to be picky because i want the most experience as possible, ideally in an area with few(er) ALS providers, high call volume and...
  9. Angel

    Paramedics plus June 2014

    Hey all, I recently applied as a medic to paramedics plus and was curious if anyone has heard anything or has info on hiring classes/dates. I swear the opening was just a few days if not hours!
  10. Angel


    I want to put up some more scenarios, mostly out of boredom. they may or may not be brain busters. but fun none the less. I will put a couple here, just QUOTE the one you are replying to. if its too confusing I can make separate posts. just let me know. Scenario #1 81 yo F, you are...
  11. Angel

    7 yo SOB

    Dispatched at 0245 to a single family dwelling for a 7 yo having difficulty breathing. Fire arrives shortly before you do and states (per family) pt woke up out of his sleep due to SOB, has a history of asthma and parents tried an albuterol treatment with no relief and decided to called 911...
  12. Angel

    AMR Contract-Sac

    Does anyone know when (year) AMRs contract in Sacramento ends? Their 911 contract to be specific. Thanks and I tried googling it but nothing I was looking for came up.
  13. Angel


    i PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!! whooo hooo!!! all the studying paid off!