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  1. Akulahawk

    New Here

    OP: for nursing-related stuff, AllNurses is a fantastic resource. This is primarily an EMS discussion board and while we do discuss nursing, it's only primarily about how nursing and EMS relate to each other. If you're looking for support related to your learning issues and your desire to...
  2. Akulahawk

    Question on combined EMT-P and BSN/RN training

    Sounds like that's what the OP pretty much wants to do... but most places that I'm familiar with don't allow for a PHRN role, generally speaking, outside of HEMS. Much of what I was reading seemed to be (eventually) more aligned with doing rural/tribal NP work along with work as a Paramedic.
  3. Akulahawk

    Normal glucose levels not normal for Pt.

    Yep. Usually diabetics get used to having both higher and lower levels than "normal." However, since their bodies may be inefficient in using insulin (not just simply requiring additional insulin) they my feel that having a higher blood glucose level than normal helps ensure that glucose will...
  4. Akulahawk

    Parmedic to RN

    In my case, I think it certainly was! Of course I do have a much greater income and as an RN, I'm in an industry that's fairly resistant to recessions and depressions. It's a good gig for job security/stability. Given that I mostly have been trained along the medical model, the #1 most difficult...
  5. Akulahawk

    Paramedic to RN programs

    I very much agree with the above. I would highly suggest that you complete ALL of the RN school (traditional) prerequisites and apply to a BSN program. The reason I suggest BSN is that you'll have a wider range of employment options. You won't be a "better" nurse but some employers do look for...
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    The Gun Thread

    My EDC is usually a Glock 23 or Glock 27.
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    Ampoule opener

    1. United States of America 2. Yes, one small laceration that required a small band-aid. Happened when I didn't do #3 below. I still usually bare-hand it. 3. Take 2 4x4 pieces of gauze, one to hold the vial and the other to hold the ampule top to protect yourself. Snap and draw w/ filter needle...
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    Parmedic to RN

    When you're looking for a nursing program, you have to consider the possibility of doing "travel" nursing. If you're considering it, consider doing a program that has a more traditional classroom/clinical rotation schedule where you do psych, or med/surg, or peds, or whatever in classroom and do...
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    I'm a pretty decent fan of Toradol IM or IV. It seems to work pretty well in most people and seems to be nearly the cat's meow for kidney stones. We don't normally do IV tylenol but those times I've administered it, the stuff seemed to be quite decently effective. Pain-dose ketamine is probably...
  10. Akulahawk

    Failed my first attempt at the paramedic exam today

    They should send results of the exam within a few days or so. While those results won't list specific questions and the correct answers, it should outline the areas of the exam where performance was both good and poor, therefore providing at least some guidance as to what should be...
  11. Akulahawk

    Should EMS/Fire be armed?

    Businesses that are open to the public have restrictions upon their property rights as it pertains to trespass and signage. They often may not be allowed to restrict just anyone they wish. A private residence is a different matter as it's not open to the public. A no weapons sign often carries...
  12. Akulahawk

    Hospitals doing Procedures on Gurney

    Not that I'd mind having actual good coffee while at work...
  13. Akulahawk

    Hospitals doing Procedures on Gurney

    But you also commit patient abandonment in the process... Even though EMTALA applies, it doesn't absolve you of your patient care responsibilities.
  14. Akulahawk

    Getting back into EMS after many years away

    That's having symptoms. I was vaxxed and I lost my sense of smell for 4 days. That's the only major sign/symptom I had. I see LOTS of people with Covid these days with either no symptoms or only sore throat. Anyway, as far as getting back into EMS, the OP should certainly consider it. The pay...
  15. Akulahawk

    Hospitals doing Procedures on Gurney

    Where I work we call this "quick care" in that a patient that meets certain criteria can have an evaluation or a quick procedure done right on the EMS gurney and then the patient can be discharged and returned to wherever they reside. One of the criteria is that the patient can't be a "911"...
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    Hospitals doing Procedures on Gurney

    EMTALA responsibility and you turning over care to the hospital staff are two distinctly different events.
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    Hospitals doing Procedures on Gurney

    Once you've given report, the hospital bears responsibility for that patient. Here's the problem: sometimes the hospital (literally) has no beds available for a patient of your patient's "acuity" level at that time. When that happens, it's a simple (but maddening) result: the patient has to stay...
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    EMT Wrist Watch - Taking Pulse with No Second Hand

    It began in an off-topic and became a topic, therefore it was split off into its own thread.
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    EMT Wrist Watch - Taking Pulse with No Second Hand

    For the purpose of actually taking a pulse rate manually, what I wrote is what I do. That being said, I rarely evaluate a pulse that way, rather I feel for fast/slow/regular/irregular/quality and that can be done in seconds and I don't actually care much exactly how fast the rate is. That being...
  20. Akulahawk

    EMT Wrist Watch - Taking Pulse with No Second Hand

    I have a watch that displays seconds. I just wait for a convenient 1/4 minute mark and count for 15 seconds. IOW, start at 15 seconds, count until I see "30" on the watch, or whatever other convenient start/finish points are. The other way I count a pulse is I get my pocket pulse oximeter and...