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    Dumbest thing heard on the radio

    Dispatch -"Unit X respond to Location A for the rat bite" Unit X- *giggling* "whats the nature" Dispatch- R-A-T, rat bite gotta love newark
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    New Jersey Paramedic Programs

    Kinda far off but i asked the same question and i got the let me google that for you response. so far what my googling tells me its offered by county colleges and you need hospital sponsership. Go to like a county college page and in the search bar type paramedic and bam there you go. Union...
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    Hospital Sponsorship EMT-P

    hah thats sad.
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    First Day in Newark, NJ

    nothing major started out with 2 EDPs at penn station, then a no address chest pain, went out of service for bike run, got back in service decided it was time to eat...... dispatched to a sexual assault then on the corner of squad bay got dispatched to the airport for a plane landing with a sick...
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    First Day in Newark, NJ

    Soo tomorrow at 6am I start my first shift as an EMT in Newark(Ironbound). Any words of wisdom?
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    Hospital Sponsorship EMT-P

    As I start my Senior year in high school I am still puzzled by what i want to do in life. One strong path that so far I'm enjoying alot is Emergency Medicine. Yes even though being an fresh EMT-B I have a strong taste for medicine. I'm currently taking two courses sponsored by UMDNJ. Anatomy and...
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    soo are you going to put soap in my coffee

    soo are you going to put soap in my coffee
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    Ambulance crew arrested

    And the idiots from Jersey strike again. I'm in high school and i've been asked about the stripper party and this. It's really embarrassing. People like this make us look soo bad
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    Brooklyn girl dies from asthma attack

    Where'd he go wrong
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    ambulance squad accused of partying with prostitutes

    simply becuz the bad things of jersey get the media spotlightt...nd plus we party hard
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    Who do i chose

    Marine Res. and FDNY life goal dreams
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    Who do i chose

    o yeah Squad B pays for all clothing and supplies, but you get the whacker Blue Lights and Air Horn
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    Who do i chose

    So way back when i was 16 i decided to apply for a first aid squad we'll call them Squad A. I got the thumbs up and then they lost my paper work and forgot about me. Then in Feb Squad A contacted me and said we found your paper work come by for another interview. I did and all went well. They...
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    4th of July

    i shall and i have the best hours apparently 1400-2400 (2 pm to 12 midnight). the hospital is in Newark NJ so i'm guess its going to be pretty busy.
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    4th of July

    St Michael's in Newark. I wanted to do UMDNJ but had to stick to the training hospital.
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    4th of July

    Soo in the Great State of New Jersey, your required to complete 10 straight hours in the ER. I got assigned the night shift for the 4th of July.. My question to all is: How bad is it on the 4th of July, and if any past experiences please tell all.
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    Castration from a bad acid trip

    People still do LSD and Shrooms. so 70's and i agree with the doc this would make the perfect anti drug ad Do LSD and lose your balls, its fact. I'm fairly young(still in high school) and at this one party there was this huge fight to stop this one kid from doing LSD. Paid Off i guess
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    40 things I would like to say out loud at work …

    can this apply to my EMT-B Class because i swear i've said half of this under my breath very funny
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    Passed my EMT-99 Friday

    Good Job. How long was the course
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    5 hurt in Manhattan collision involving ambulance

    From the picture in the article it looks pretty obvious that the ambulance was hit in the front passenger side and that two other cars tried to dodge but hit each other(white suv vs four door gold sedan)