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  1. Never2Old

    Power Stretchers - Who's not using em?

    Manual Strykers in all our rigs ... no money for Power Assist or Load.
  2. Never2Old

    CARE ambulance drug test

    If it was a pre-employment test you usually won't get any kind of a reply for passing. It is usually just a checkbox on the HR list unless you fail. A normal drug screen will not be affected by Metformin.
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    Question about age (Do you feel EMS has an age limit)

    I'm a medic in a busy 911 system ... I turn 57 on Sept 19th.
  4. Never2Old

    Does Delaware County Community College offer an online/hybrid Paramedic course?

    No. All classroom, and obviously field time. It is a two year program that ends with an AS degree.
  5. Never2Old

    What are some good paramedic schools/training programs in or around Philadelphia, PA?

    In the Philadelphia area, you are not going to find an online or hybrid program to the best of my knowledge. There are a mix of full time and part time programs in the area. Some of the players are Good Fellowship EMS Training Institute in Chester County, Delaware County Community College (Full...
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    Working while in Medic School

    Absolutely. Had to fit them into the schedule as well. There were a lot of very long days and nights! I couldn't have done it without the 100% support of my wife, who saw me maybe a few hours a week, and my kids who took out a missing persons report on me ;-) For a year I embraced the...
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    Working while in Medic School

    When I did Medic school it a part time one year program. Every Tue/Thurs from 6p-10p, and every other Sat from 8a-5p. I had a full time 9-5 M-F job, and a P/T EMS gig as well. It does require good time management skills, and ate up a full year of my life. For that year I was missing from most of...
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    New Paramedic moving to Pittsburgh Area

    In PA the Department of Health requires Paramedics to have "Medical Command" to practice as a Paramedic, and is only good for the service for which command is issued. Generally each service has a "Medical Director" who is a physician certified by the state to provide oversight, standing orders...
  9. Never2Old

    State Reciprocity

    Just happened to have attended an ALS skills review today and ran into the President of the regional EMS council. He told me that PA only does reciprocity via the NREMT certification since 2016. Hope this helps.
  10. Never2Old

    State Reciprocity

    PA is a NREMT state. Reciprocity may be granted on the basis of National Registry status. If you have your NREMT you will be fine. Your NYS Emt-B Cert won't transfer as far as I know.
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    ED or jail A&Ox3 but slurred speech

    And that is how I found myself in an EMS career :-)
  12. Never2Old

    Too Old...

    I became an EMT at 49, and a Medic at 53 ... now I'm 56 and having a blast running F/T in a very busy 911 system, and volunteering my off-time in a large and busy volunteer organization. I intend to do this till they pull me off the truck, or I physically can't do it any longer. Many of the...
  13. Never2Old

    Narcan, or Not.

    EMS Crew: BVM, IV, titrate Narcan IV to effect, restore respiration, transport. PD: 4mg Nasal Narcan, rinse and repeat till all the responding PD has used their Narcan and the spare in the trunk, or the patient drowns. I am an advocate of removing Narcan from PD, and instead giving them a BVM...
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    Cadaver lab

    I have attended two cadaver labs in recent years. Was a great experience and a valuable learning opportunity. Highly recommend attending one if you ever have the opportunity.
  15. Never2Old

    How many services use Fentanyl instead of Morphine for Cardiac Chest Pain?

    No morphine on our trucks for a while now.
  16. Never2Old

    NREMT-P last question

    I would say that in my opinion that FISDAP was harder ... I actually felt that the NREMT was easier in the end. I actually thought I was doing poorly as the questions seemed too easy, or maybe I just was on-point and prepared. I wasn't counting questions, but it stopped way sooner than I...
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    NREMT-P last question

    Did the paramedic practice exams ... scored in the high 80's if I remember correctly. I had heard that FISDAP was a much harder exam, and if you did well there, you were most assuredly going to do well on the NREMT.
  18. Never2Old

    NREMT-P last question

    JB Learning is a great tool, and certainly helped me. But I also used FISDAP to help me get my mind wrapped around the test itself. Also invested in a great test prep book from Learning Express "Complete Test Preparation, Paramedic Certification Exam" My test went to less than 80 questions and...
  19. Never2Old


    Our BLS providers can do Narcan, and the EPI Pen by standing protocol, but is the rest without direct ALS supervision? Maybe it is local to me or the Med Dir, but the ones I work with all have to wait for me to arrive on scene for the rest. I agree that this would be a great help!
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    in PA the AEMT can only attach the 12 Lead, and then transmit and await orders. They can not interpret rhythms nor have the training to do so. They also can only use the Monitor in AED mode. The AEMT can NOT start a line and push drugs IV unless under the direct supervision of a Paramedic, such...