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    Acadian Ambulance Houston, TX

    We are currently offering $10,000 sign on bonus for paramedic and $1,500 sign on bonus for EMT. If you are interested, please message me for information.
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    MCI at Hospital

    Ok, a couple of weeks back we had one of our local hospitals call dispatch and request every available unit to respond. The power at the hospital had gone out and the main generator failed, leaving the entire facility running on a small backup generator. I was the On Duty Supervisor for my...
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    Looking for a Good Job

    Anyone looking for a good job in the Houston, TX area?
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    Versed IN verses IM

    Anyone here had issues giving versed IN. Very recently I've seen two patients given versed IN, one to treat seizure and the other to sedate for intubation. Both times the versed had no visible effects. Both were given 5mg, a dose that I expected to have some effects. Also, does anyone have...
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    Has anyone heard of this type of CPR? The company I am currently working for uses this CPR algorithm for cardiac arrest patients. It's standard ACLS with the exception of bagging the pt. Our system involves placing a NRB at 15 lpm on the pt and performing compressions. We stop compressions for 5...