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  1. Backblast

    Cabarrus County, NC EMS

    Does anyone here work for Cabarrus EMS in North Carolina? Just a quick question or two. Thanks!
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    mecklenburg (medic) testing

    I'm taking the next assessment center at MEDIC on November 6. I'm doing my studying and prep, but have a question. For anyone who's taken their assessment center, what is the best way to dress. I understand that I'll be interviewing and doing at MEDPAT the same day, so not sure how to dress...
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    Bullet Proof Vests?

    My agency has each new employee custom measured and custom made body armor. We have a policy in place that dictates when it is to be worn and this policy is stringently enforced not just by field supervisors, but peer enforced as well.
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    What are hobbies of EMTs and Paramedics?

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    Too late to become a paramedic?

    Not at all! I just made a career change from nursing to paramedic at the ripe old age of 46. Go for it.
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    Replacing my shears with the benchmade rescue cutter?

    I've got a Hook 7 and love it! I got it about a year and a half ago, and haven't carried shears since. I'm having a custom leather pouch made for mine.
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    So This Just Happened. . . . .

    We only live only about 45 mins from Durham, so won't be relocating.
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    So This Just Happened. . . . .

    I just got my official offer from Durham County EMS. I have accepted and will start with the rest of my academy class on 2/16. Dunno about y'all, but I'm so freakin' excited that I can't see straight! Amazing opportunity to work for a great system that is growing and definitely heading in the...
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    A good light jacket

    I'll second the 5.11 job shirt. One of my favorite cool weather pieces of clothing, in or out of uniform.
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    Motorola NMN6191C Radio Mic

    Hey y'all, I've got a Motorola NMN6191C radio mic that I don't need and want to get rid of. I purchased it new in January, used it for a few months, and switched agencies that uses different radios, so it's no use to me now. Mic has been well cared for, no dry rot on cord, and is still in like...
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    Screen Printing?

    I'm looking to get "PARAMEDIC" screen printed in 4" or 5" letters on the back of a job shirt, but can't find anywhere locally to get it done without a minimum order or a dozen or so. Does anyone know of anywhere that will do this for a single job shirt or maybe two of them without charging a...
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    Mecklenburg County EMS

    Does anyone here work for Medic (Mecklenburg County EMS Agency)? I'm going to submit an application, but have a few questions about work environment, management, medical director, etc. If anyone here is currently a Medic employee, please message me or respond here, if you like. Thanks a...
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    NC EMT-B Patches

    I've got 4 North Carolina EMT-B patches that I didn't use and looking to trade them out. I won't be needing them since I graduated from paramedic school last week. If anyone is interested, let me know. I'm willing to trade for most patches, but particularly interested in finding a patch from...
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    NREMT-P -vs- NRP

    I'm about to finish medic school next month. I live in a non-registry state, but am planning on taking national registry anyway. However, I'm m confused about the recent change in terminology from NREMT-P to NRP. What's the difference? When I take national registry ( and hopefully pass)...
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    EMT-B Jobs in Central/Eastern NC

    Thanks for the heads up on Wake County. I didn't have enough time to get an application in, but got a call from Eastern Wake EMS not long after this post. Already had my interview and take their physical agility test on Friday the 13th. ^_^
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    EMT-B Jobs in Central/Eastern NC

    Hey all, I've finished my EMT basic in May and am currently in medic school. I've found two different agencies to volunteer with, but am having difficulty finding part time or full time paid employment as an EMT. I'm not sure if it's from being new, lack of experience, not being part of the...
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    EMT-B Class Advice

    Well, that was fun! Basic class has been a blast! I've learned a ton, had great preceptors and experiences in clinicals and done well on quizzes and testing. We take finals on Wednesday. Next challenge is paramedic school, which starts on Thursday, the day after basic class ends. There...
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    Stethoscope - The Mega Thread

    In 13 years of nursing, I've only used 2 different stethoscopes: The Littmann Master Classic and my current set of ears, the Littmann Cardiology III. The small side of my Cardiology III is converted to the bell, which works well for carotid bruits, etc. I'm hoping that this stethoscope will...
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    EMS Ball Caps to Trade?

    PM inbound. Munchos grassyass. :rofl:
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    EMS Ball Caps to Trade?

    Sounds good. Want to swap for the Duke Life Flight hat?