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    Hey Guys, Been a while since I've posted here! I'm at a place in my life where I've saved up money and now I'm try to figure out where would be best to move to and work as a emt? But not just that I want a place where I can get my paramedic and actually work as one (good protocols, ect..)? If...
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    Napa AMR

    Does anyone here work for or have any information on Napa AMR? I tried the search bar but couldn't find anything! They are hiring and I am thinking about applying. Thanks.
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    American Ambulance in Fresno

    Does anyone have any information on American ambulance in Fresno Ca. Shifts, management/partners, ect..? I've heard they are very busy and it's great experience, I'm interviewing next week for emt and want to get my paramedic there and experience. Thanks for any info.
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    Riggs Ambulance, merced

    I know there are a couple threads on Riggs ambulance but they all are a couple years old. I applied for a emt job there and was seeing if anyone that works there can give some input on the company? Pay, experience, management, shift schedule, ext... Thanks.
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    I use my iPad most the time when I am on this website. I was woundering how do you copy a website & put it on your post? Also how do you copy a certain portion of someone's comment when you post instead of everything they wrote? Thanks.
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    Traveling for work

    Has anyone lived in one place and traveled somewhere else to work on a ambulance? How far did you travel and how did it work out? I am just curious because I want to live in one place but I may get hired for a company I want to work for in another place. I am just trying to figure things out, I...
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    AEMT And EMT-I

    Hey guys can a AEMT work as a EMT-I, the only difference that I could find was AEMTs can't give Benadryl ( for some dumb reason) but they can if the companies protocols says to right? The class that I just toke was EMT-I but since NR is switching to AEMT we were the first to graduate as AEMTs...
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    New AEMT in need of help

    Hey guys I just got my AEMT and I am looking for good places to apply, I know some states and cities don't have AEMTs work for them and I am just trying to find some great places that will be fun and good experience to work for. I have been in EMS for 6 years now but most have been as a...
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    Las Vegas EMS

    I was wondering if medicwest and AMR in Vegas get to deal with the critical patients, it seems like the Fire departments deal with and transports all those patients? I was just seeing if people could give me some info about how the system is ran there. I know REMSA in Reno runs the show and is a...