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    the 100% directionless thread

    It's official, I start paramedic school in October!
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    Hey Guys, Been a while since I've posted here! I'm at a place in my life where I've saved up money and now I'm try to figure out where would be best to move to and work as a emt? But not just that I want a place where I can get my paramedic and actually work as one (good protocols, ect..)? If...
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    Napa AMR

    Sorry that must have been a miss communication on my part, I know how to look on their website and job search there. I was just seeing if anyone had info on if they are a good division to work for. Sorry about that.
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    Napa AMR

    Does anyone here work for or have any information on Napa AMR? I tried the search bar but couldn't find anything! They are hiring and I am thinking about applying. Thanks.
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    Currently Casino EMT offered gig with Ambulance Company...

    Take the Norcal Ambulance job, I've heard great things about the company. Plus it will be better experience, especially if your trying to go the firefighter paramedic way.
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Just curious... Does anyone here work for AMR in Redding California!?
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    American Ambulance in Fresno

    Thanks for all the info guys. I got hired with them! I start orientation next week! They've been helpful with everything so far and have been very welcoming.
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    American Ambulance in Fresno

    Does anyone have any information on American ambulance in Fresno Ca. Shifts, management/partners, ect..? I've heard they are very busy and it's great experience, I'm interviewing next week for emt and want to get my paramedic there and experience. Thanks for any info.
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    Riggs Ambulance, merced

    I know there are a couple threads on Riggs ambulance but they all are a couple years old. I applied for a emt job there and was seeing if anyone that works there can give some input on the company? Pay, experience, management, shift schedule, ext... Thanks.
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    What made you do it?

    I grew up with my dad who is a paramedic and has been for around 26 years now, so it was kind of easy to take interest and see/hear from my father about the career. I joined a little volunteer FD when we moved to a smaller town at age 15 and that's when I realized I wanted to do EMS. As of now...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Man I am trying to get everything together to get into a paramedic program up in northern cal if I can't I'll either have to wait for next year or find a different program! I hope this one works out bc I have a job interview with a company that is only a hour away from it. So fingers crossed I...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Did EVOC today and got sun burned so bad. But at least that's overs so I can start my internship now!
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    the 100% directionless thread

    WOW, Jurassic world toke in $511 million globally this weekend! I knew it was going to be big but not that big.
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    the 100% directionless thread

    EVOC for three days, at least I'll be getting paid to do it! Then I start my field training with new company very soon! Super excited (well at least for the field not EVOC).
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    How much did your EMT-B course cost?

    $120 total at community college.
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    Figure 1

    I just downloaded it a couple days ago, I like it so far.
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    Scared for my first run

    This. It's normal to be nervous for your first call, we were all there once. The more you do it the more comfortable it will become. My word of advice is try to stay calm and if you don't know something then ask. Have fun and good luck.
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Well I just found the paramedic program I will hopefully be taking, I start the application/testing process this summer and then the program starts in January of next year!
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Man I am sorry to hear that! It's always hard when it's one of our own.
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    what job would you do besides EMS

    Same as what COmedic17 said,I would probably become a police officer if I can't choose anything medical wise. I tried doing what DesertEMT66 said but I wasn't all that great at it!