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  1. Steveb

    What types of airways can EMT-B use

    What types of airways can EMT-B use in their scope of practise?
  2. Steveb

    Things for my trauma bag.

    Over the past couple months I've decided to build a trauma bag I've collected things here and there bought a couple things and think I'm almost done I don't want anything fancy I just want a bag to carry in my car (once i get my drivers license ) incase I come across something. So far I have...
  3. Steveb

    Ambulance Pics

    I found this website where you can see pictures of ambulances used all across Canada.
  4. Steveb

    Should Hipaa Be broken to protect Paramedics

    I think this month and last month there have been lots of articles of paramedics getting hurt physically or blamed for actions they didn't do. Now since most services don't allow Medics to carry weapons do you think security cameras should be placed in the back of ambulance even though that may...
  5. Steveb

    Why did NYEMS change to NYFD

    I was watching a video of New york EMS and everything said NYEMS (it was to mid 1990's) Why did EMS merge with Fire?
  6. Steveb

    For Canadian Medics

    How hard was it for you to get into collage and then get a job?
  7. Steveb

    What can a EMT-I do.

    What can an EMT -I do that a EMT-B can't? Sorry I live in Canada our system is a bit different.
  8. Steveb

    Bumper stickers

    Anyone have any others
  9. Steveb

    Please explane

    Please explain how the paramedic service works in USA. I live in Canada and don't know much about how the sector works.Is it like Canada where a paramedic studies for a two years and get his PCP (Primary care Paramedic) BLS .Then goes for another year to get his Advance care ALS. Sorry for...
  10. Steveb

    do you like your job

    Did you pick the right field? What do like and don't like about your job?
  11. Steveb

    I panicked

    I'm 14 and a voulenteer in a program that the service offers. We were at a community event.this was my first call. it was late and I was heading out to the bus stop I gave my kit and radio to another voulenteer and headout when a security guard stoped me and told me someone had fell down the...