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    Chiari Malformation Type 1

    I know offhand that type I cases are usually benign. Have you talked to a neurologist, or at least your primary care physician, about it?
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    How many times have you been dispatched to a man down or an “arrest”

    Too many times to count. We know the reporting parties as "cell phone heroes".
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    PRN/Volunteer 911 Agencies in Houston

    Hi all. I'm moving down to Houston in May/June of this year and I'd like to find a 911 EMS agency to work PRN or volunteer at. As a little background, I'll be a third-year medical student when I move, interested in emergency medicine and EMS. I've been a paramedic since 2007 and worked on a...
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    Light or No Lights?

    My last system did this Alpha: EMS non-emergent, dispatched first responders in outlying areas only (also non-emergent). Bravo: EMS code 3. Dispatched first responders only in outlying areas (also code 3). Charlie/Delta/Echo: EMS code 3, first responders code 3 (everywhere in the county).
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    Houston Area

    He basically covered it. I worked for MCHD for a year and know folks at MCHD and HCEC. I'd recommend all the same places. MCHD and HCECs would be my top picks. I did some student shifts at HCEC there and it was definitely a gun and knife club type place. Lots of trauma, overdoses, MVAs, etc...
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    Anyone have experience with EMS/AED Grants?

    Thanks so much!
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    Anyone have experience with EMS/AED Grants?

    I'm starting up a student organization that provides volunteer BLS coverage for campus and community events at my university. I've got the go ahead from the powers that be but now the biggest hurdle is getting funding to buy the equipment. <_< Do any of you fine folks have experience with...
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    West,TX Explosion/MCI

    Latest word is 2 paramedics deceased, 6 firefighters deceased, 15 citizens deceased although I'm sure that number will rise as crews search damaged structures. 100-200 patients, 40 were critical.
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    Fertilizer Plant explodes in Texas

    Got a thread going here:
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    West,TX Explosion/MCI

    Off Bledsoe's Facebook wall: 2 EMS providers reported dead on KTVT by the EMS medical director in West (George Smith, DO)
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    West,TX Explosion/MCI

    Oh no... :ph34r:
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    West,TX Explosion/MCI

    I'm pimping out my class to donate blood at Carter BloodCare.
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    West,TX Explosion/MCI

    I'm thinking blood drive and money.
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    West,TX Explosion/MCI

    TCOM. I will definitely let you know. A blood drive would be great. Not sure how to do that. Would we all drive down there and donate? Donate locally and they'd get it down there?
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    West,TX Explosion/MCI

    I'm at med school about 70 miles north. Trying to figure out something my class can do to help.
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    West,TX Explosion/MCI

    Latest I've heard: 5 FF's dead, 60-70 total dead, 200 injured (40 critically).
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    Partner showed up reeking of booze...

    This x10000000
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    Texas EMS Jobs

    Anyone have any tips/leads for part-time paramedic work around Fort Worth?
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    Partner showed up reeking of booze...

    I'm pretty shocked by the number of people that would just shrug it off or talk to him one on one. Sorry, no dice. I'm not putting my safety or my patient's safety at risk because my partner screwed up and performed an intervention incorrectly/fell asleep while driving/ran a red light and got...
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    Scrubs in a pre hospital setting?

    The Aussies and Europeans are on the right track. Distinctive uniforms that set EMS apart from law enforcement and fire, and very functional.