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  1. frdude1000

    ISO EMS Supplies for Honduras

    Hi All!! I am traveling to a rural town in Honduras this summer to train a group of community health workers in CPR and First Aid. The goal is to form a small emergency medical response team for the community. I have acquired a refurbished LifePak 500 AED and some supplies, but could use any old...
  2. frdude1000

    CPR Instruction Materials

    I am looking to buy: CPR Manikins Training AEDS AHA Instructor Materials/DVDs Please shoot me a PM if you have used gear you would like to sell!
  3. frdude1000

    Wanted: Wooden Backboards

    Hello all. Is anyone willing to part with a wooden backboard or two? If so, send me a PM so we can work something out! Thanks!
  4. frdude1000

    EMS Agency Ebola Plan

    Does your EMS agency have a plan in place for treating patients under investigation (PUI) for Ebola? Have you made any changes to your PPE or when you employ such gear? Is your dispatch center asking travel history questions to callers that complain of EVD symptoms? I want to start a thread...
  5. frdude1000

    Learning 10 Codes and Signals

    I am in charge of coming up with a game or activity to help a new orientation class of EMTs learn the department 10-codes and signals. Yes, I am aware most places do not use these anymore and that plain language is best. Unfortunately, this is not my choice, and we are still required to use...
  6. frdude1000

    EMT-B Atlanta

    I do not work for Grady EMS but I did do clinical time there. Grady as well as the whole state of Georgia does NOT use EMT-Bs or the new "EMT". All services here employ EMT-I/85's or AEMT's. You will NOT be able to get a 911 job as an EMT-B or equivalent and I am also almost certain you will...
  7. frdude1000

    Active 911 app

    I currently use Active911 with one of my services. I mostly use it for the mapping feature. When I am on shift, I am in a station with a piped in alerting system so Active911 is only a secondary alert. The app does a good job of giving you a direct running route. The other use I have is...
  8. frdude1000

    Best "Skilled" Nursing Home stories

    -Had a call at a SNF once for trouble breathing. As we were walking to the room, we heard the sound of AED prompts. Walked inside to find the pt. coding. "Nurse" told someone to call but didn't mention why, so the caller just assumed trouble breathing because that is a common reason they send...
  9. frdude1000

    NCEMSF Conference 2014 - Meetup/Roll Call

    I'll be there. Should be down for a meet up.
  10. frdude1000

    Acetaminophen pain protocol in MD

    No, it is actually a regular BLS skill in MD. Not used really in the more urban and suburban areas. Would be curious of its use in more rural areas with extended transport times. See protocol below, page 205.
  11. frdude1000

    selective spinal

    Hauswald M, Ong G, Tandberg D, Omar Z. Out-of-hospital spinal immobilization: its effect on neurologic injury. Acad Emerg Med, 1998; 5: 214–9. Perry SD, McLellan B, McIlroy WE, Maki BE, Schwartz M, Fernie GR. The efficacy of head immobilization techniques during simulated vehicle motion...
  12. frdude1000

    5.11 Taclite Pro Uniform Shirt 5.11 Taclite Pro Short Sleve Uniform Shirt Size: M Color: White Style: 71175 Has never been worn. Bag was opened to look at the shirt but shirt is still folded and has tags attached. Retails for $56.99...
  13. frdude1000

    Additional certs for BLS providers?

    HazMat Operations ITLS (they have a BLS version of the course) If your looking at 911 stuff and its with a fire department, Firefighter I&II, Rope Rescue training, swiftwater rescue training
  14. frdude1000

    What IS the role of the AEMT?

    I am an AEMT in Georgia. I work in a non-traditional role on a first response truck but I can speak to the rest of metro Atlanta. Having experience in Maryland, GA has a much different attitude towards EMS. Everything is held to a high standard and there is a lot of bureaucracy involved. EMT...
  15. frdude1000

    Presentation Idea

    Hey all. I am going to enter the Vomacka Student Speaker Competition as part of the NCEMSF (National Collegiate EMS Foundation) conference this spring. I am trying to think of an interesting topic that no one has presented on before. Right now, I have an idea to talk about HazMat emergencies...
  16. frdude1000

    Online Check-list ideas

    Google drive would work well for this, and its free. You can build custom forms and then have them dump the data (ie. truck checks, etc) into spreadsheets.
  17. frdude1000

    Working in multiple states

    I hold Maryland EMT-B and Georgia Advanced EMT. Too bad MD isn't going with the new scope of practice levels completely, as they aren't adopting AEMT.
  18. frdude1000

    Maryland Private ALS Services

    Don't know much about procare. Their rigs seem decent, not sure what hospitals they have contracts with or how their management is. Will see if I can find out more.
  19. frdude1000

    Maryland Private ALS Services

    Yes, we have butler. I have only seen them do BLS though. In Montgomery County and surrounding areas, we have LifeStar Response, Team Critical Care (TCC), ProCare, Hart to Heart, AMR, East Coast Ambulance,
  20. frdude1000

    5.11 Tactical Responder BLS 2000 Bag

    In Maryland, we have a regular duffle rectangular bag for my BLS ambulance. I always hate carrying it as it is large, awkward, and there is not much organization to it inside. In Georgia, I work on a 911 QRS vehicle as an AEMT. We use Statpacks and they are awesome. One of our bags carries...