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  1. MedicJon88

    AMC General Questions

    Hi all, I currently fly for an AirMethods partnership program that is transitioning to full ownership with PHI. No longer be private 3rd company employees and having to work for PHI. PHI's values and the fact that the program is going rotor only doesn't mesh with me completely. I found very few...
  2. MedicJon88

    American Heart to start new PHP BLS courses

    Just got an email from my Training Coordinator from AHA. New model of learning was released yesterday by AHA for Prehospital providers. Now there is an online portion + skills time with one of the CPR instructors. scenarios modeled after real field experiences. Take a look from AHA...
  3. MedicJon88

    Metro Area Ambulance Bismarck, ND

    Hey fellow EMS providers, Anyone know anything about Metro Area Ambulance or EMS in North Dakota in general- looking into a potential job there and would like any insight that anyone can provide. Thanks!
  4. MedicJon88

    Simvastatin and Amiodarone

    Hey ALS providers, I was at work in the ICU and came across an article which linked to the FDA's warning page regarding the use of Amiodarone and Simvastatin. Supposedly the combination can cause rhabdomyolysis which can lead to kidney failure and death- especially when the patient's statin...