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    PRN/Volunteer 911 Agencies in Houston

    Hi all. I'm moving down to Houston in May/June of this year and I'd like to find a 911 EMS agency to work PRN or volunteer at. As a little background, I'll be a third-year medical student when I move, interested in emergency medicine and EMS. I've been a paramedic since 2007 and worked on a...
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    Anyone have experience with EMS/AED Grants?

    I'm starting up a student organization that provides volunteer BLS coverage for campus and community events at my university. I've got the go ahead from the powers that be but now the biggest hurdle is getting funding to buy the equipment. <_< Do any of you fine folks have experience with...
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    Medical school for NREMT-P Recert.

    Does anyone know about the possibility of using medical school coursework towards NREMT-P recertification? I'm a first-year medical student and NREMT-P. I can't seem to find any information out there. I figured it would at least count for something. Thanks!
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    ATLS Audit

    I'm considering applying for some flight jobs in the near future. Have any of you guys audited an ATLS course? I notice that a lot of air medical agencies require their paramedics to audit it before applying or shortly after being hired.
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    STEMI Mimickers in Your System

    Hi all. My system's STEMI guidelines have become a lot more restrictive in the past few years due to a high number of false activations. I'm curious to see if there are any mimickers in your system that negate a STEMI alert. In my system, we cannot declare a STEMI alert if the following are...
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    Fort Worth Paramedic Gigs

    I'll be moving up to Fort Worth in late June/early July to start graduate school. Can you guys recommend any good places to work as a paramedic? I've got four years of 911 experience as a medic. Places I've currently got my eye on: -MedStar (not currently hiring paramedics) -AMR Arlington...
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    Colorado Paramedic gigs

    Do you guys know of any Colorado agencies that are currently hiring? I'm moving to Colorado between now and July and I'm looking for a 911 paramedic job. I've already applied to Denver Health, Pridemark/Rural Metro, Northglenn, and Platte Valley Medical Center EMS. Currently working on Clear...
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    Paramedic jobs near Denver, CO

    I'll be moving to Parker, CO (20 minutes from Denver) next summer to start graduate school. I'm looking for a decent spot to work a medic shift here and there for extra cash. I have four years of paramedic experience on a 911 ambulance so I'm not entirely brand new. Can anyone recommend any...
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    Straightforward...or is it?

    You are dispatched to a sick patient. Dispatch information is that your patient is a 22 year old patient who "seems sick". You are working on an ALS ambulance, you and your partner are both paramedics of equal clinical authority. On scene, the patient's mother and father guide you in to a...
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    Focal Motor Seizure Management Scenario

    Dispatched to a seizure. You arrive to find a 30 year old male complaining of seizure activity in one arm for ~2-3 hours. You observe that one of the patient's arms is indeed moving repetitively as in a focal motor seizure. Not big grand movements but a little twitching. Patient is complaining...
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    Does your service provide you with restraints? (Poll)

    Just curious. I've worked at a few (mainly BLS) services that did not provide any restraint equipment. The protocols would say things like "bedsheets are the only approved restraint" or "contact law enforcement for assistance". Looking back, I'm glad that I never ran into a call where I needed...
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    Dress Uniform vs. Suit for a Funeral

    One of my best friends was killed in an MVC a few days ago. I have known her for 5-6 years. We worked together at two EMS agencies (we were both EMT's). She was working as an ER RN for the past few years, hasn't worked in EMS for a few years since becoming an RN. Do you think it would be...
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    Asymptomatic Pediatric SVT: Medicate or Wait?

    8 year old male, was riding in the back seat of a car, blowing up a balloon when he told parents he felt his heart racing. Parents played it off, ten minutes later kiddo still has the same complaint. Parents checked pulse, found it to be super-fast, took kiddo to pediatrician, who called 911...
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    Sedation/Anesthesia in the Field

    Just curious if you guys are allowed to give medications such as etomidate, ketamine (or anything similar) to manage a patient with severe injuries to induce amnesia/unconsciousness. The scenario I'm thinking of is an arm or leg "bent the wrong way" or a patient entrapped with severe injuries...
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    Partner Problems...HALP!

    I'd like to see how you guys would approach the situation. I work on a dual-paramedic unit, my partner and I are equals, neither has authority over the other. We've had several issues lately and it seems to be building up. I'm thinking a "Come to Jesus" talk is on the horizon. -Narcotics log...
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    Worst Monitor Interpretation Ever.

    :lol: Post yours.
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    What are some things your agency does that you like?

    Lets say some positive things about your work/department, maybe some interesting things others might adopt at their own workplace. -Tac channels. We have a dedicated channel for dispatch (you are toned out and go responding on this), and four sub-channels that all traffic pertaining to calls...
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    How many of your charts get audited?

    What percentage of your charts get audited for QA/QI? At my last job, at least one out of every 25 charts you did had to be audited by the clinical department, per policy. Also, any advanced airway, cardiac arrest, STEMI, stroke, or air medical call automatically got QA'd. You'd get it back...
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    How often do you monitor ETCO2?

    How often do you utilize ETCO2 in your line of work? Does you have the capabilities to use an ETCO2-equipped nasal cannula? You should. Do you utilize ETCO2 on a BVM when you are ventilating patients, or only on an advaned airway (ET tube/King LT/Combitube/LMA)? Do you use it on the...
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    Do you get questioned for using "costly" equipment?

    Do you ever get questioned/chastised by supervisors for using equipment that "costs too much to be using on everyone"? I have yet to hear this but my partner did at an old job. "We can't be doing that on everyone, make sure they REALLY need it." Buddy, I'm spending $ here to save you $$$$$$$$$...