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  1. frdude1000

    ISO EMS Supplies for Honduras

    Hi All!! I am traveling to a rural town in Honduras this summer to train a group of community health workers in CPR and First Aid. The goal is to form a small emergency medical response team for the community. I have acquired a refurbished LifePak 500 AED and some supplies, but could use any old...
  2. frdude1000

    CPR Instruction Materials

    I am looking to buy: CPR Manikins Training AEDS AHA Instructor Materials/DVDs Please shoot me a PM if you have used gear you would like to sell!
  3. frdude1000

    Wanted: Wooden Backboards

    Hello all. Is anyone willing to part with a wooden backboard or two? If so, send me a PM so we can work something out! Thanks!
  4. frdude1000

    EMS Agency Ebola Plan

    Does your EMS agency have a plan in place for treating patients under investigation (PUI) for Ebola? Have you made any changes to your PPE or when you employ such gear? Is your dispatch center asking travel history questions to callers that complain of EVD symptoms? I want to start a thread...
  5. frdude1000

    Learning 10 Codes and Signals

    I am in charge of coming up with a game or activity to help a new orientation class of EMTs learn the department 10-codes and signals. Yes, I am aware most places do not use these anymore and that plain language is best. Unfortunately, this is not my choice, and we are still required to use...
  6. frdude1000

    5.11 Taclite Pro Uniform Shirt 5.11 Taclite Pro Short Sleve Uniform Shirt Size: M Color: White Style: 71175 Has never been worn. Bag was opened to look at the shirt but shirt is still folded and has tags attached. Retails for $56.99...
  7. frdude1000

    Presentation Idea

    Hey all. I am going to enter the Vomacka Student Speaker Competition as part of the NCEMSF (National Collegiate EMS Foundation) conference this spring. I am trying to think of an interesting topic that no one has presented on before. Right now, I have an idea to talk about HazMat emergencies...
  8. frdude1000

    DeKalb County GA AMR

    Does anyone know what happened with the EMS system in DeKalb County? I know it used to be about half DeKalb Fire Rescue ambulances supplemented by about 14 Rural/Metro units. Looking online, I saw some stuff about a contract with AMR to take over and lots of advertisements for DeKalb AMR...
  9. frdude1000

    Post Choking

    Do you guys ever run calls for post choking? What as EMS providers can we do for the patient if the object has been expelled and the pt. appears to be O.K.? When is transport necessary? What will the hospital do? In my jurisdiction, it is a BLS call.
  10. frdude1000

    Rural Bike Ride Support

    Hey all. In June, I will be the SAG (support and gear) vehicle driver for a team of 5 bikers on a 200 mile ride through rural Vermont. The team consists of my father as well as some of his close friends. While I have not done all my research, I know for sure we will be very far from advanced...
  11. frdude1000

    EMS Conferences

    Starting a thread to talk about EMS conferences. The ones I am familiar with are JEMS EMS Today, EMS World Expo, Pinnacle, and Fire-Rescue-Med. Also, many states and regional bodies have their own conferences. Which have you been to? Which do you like/dislike?
  12. frdude1000

    Best NREMT EMT Review Book

    Hey guys. Looking for a good NREMT EMT (new level, not EMT-B) review book. As far as I know, the registry written exam has changed with the new levels (EMT-B to EMT). I am using Prehospital Emergency Care by Mistovich as a textbook.
  13. frdude1000

    EMS in Zambia

    I am gathering information about EMS in Zambia for a project. If anyone has any information, that would be greatly appreciated.
  14. frdude1000

    Dekalb County, GA

    Anyone know about the EMS system in Dekalb County, GA (ATL)? Their trucks seem to all have a 4 door cab and very long and large boxes. Also wanted to know how they run in terms of staffing.
  15. frdude1000

    International Trauma Life Support

    Hello All. Does anybody have any online resources to share for ITLS? This may include websites, videos, skill sheets, etc? I found very little online so far. Thanks.
  16. frdude1000

    HEMS Bags

    Hey guys. What do you HEMS people carry all your equipment in? Brands and models appreciated. thx
  17. frdude1000

    30 Y/0 M Sick Person

    Dispatched for a sick person on side of highway. Arrive on scene to find male laying in box of a moving truck, moaning in pain. He vomited a large amount before our arrival. Paramedic Engine arrives before us. Pt. states he has LLQ abd. pain 10/10 sharp. Vitals were pulse 30, BP 170/110, O2...
  18. frdude1000

    Congestive Heart Failure

    Hey all, just a few questions on CHF. First, how is there enough pressure to push fluid through the alveoli into the membranes of the lungs? I thought CHF is when the heart is weakened and unable to adequately circulate blood to meet the needs of the body, causing fluid to build up in the...
  19. frdude1000

    EMS Today 2012

    Anyone at or going to EMS today in baltimore?
  20. frdude1000

    Best EMS Knife

    Hey all. Any good recommendations on a good utility/rescue knife? Just looking for something that is reasonable in price to use on EMS standbys and while riding.