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  1. karaya

    Video Link: What EMS Experienced at the Ferguson Shooting

    Here is a link to the EMS Chief Chris Cebollero interview we filmed a few days ago.
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    Any changes to the premium members on the new site?

    I've notice the premium member section is no longer visible in the new site. Are there any changes in store for the premium memberships?
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    Wake County EMS finds that longer CPR saves lives

    My good friend, Jamie Davis, just posted this up on Facebook and I thought I'd share it here. Jamie responded, "Interesting", and I'm must parallel his thoughts. Interesting...
  4. karaya

    Official Slams D.C. EMS Over 2-Year-Old's Death

    Looks like D.C. EMS is still struggling to get it's act together.
  5. karaya

    What a bunch of crap!!

    Firefighters will no longer respond to calls whereby the patient is experiencing flu like symptoms. Here's the story:
  6. karaya

    Group Warns CPR Performance Is Still Poor

    Interesting article from JEMS online:
  7. karaya

    3 Dead in Nevada Medevac Crash

    Here is what is known so far:
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    NBC's 'Trauma' given a DNR

    No real surprise here.
  9. karaya

    Taking another look at MOI - Bledsoe article

    Interesting short article from Dr. Bledsoe on his differing look at MOI in pre-hosptial triage.
  10. karaya

    Anyone Going to Pinnacle Conference?

    Although this conference is slated for upper EMS management, I was curious if anyone was going to the conference next week at the Don Cesar Resort Hotel in St. Pete Beach? I'll be there filming some interviews and would like to meet any EMTLifer's that might be in attendance. Ray
  11. karaya

    ER mistakes blamed on medical dramas

    Seems like some of our future docs watch just a tad bit too much TV!
  12. karaya

    Md. shock trauma head denounces Medevac delay bill

    This is a good one! Maryland's shock trauma head, Dr. Thomas Scalea, is having kittens over the possible bill to delay the purchase of new helicopters so a commission can investigate emergency helicopter use in Maryland. He further stated that the delay could mean dispatchers may have to use...
  13. karaya

    Ford Says Bye-Bye to Diesel in 2010

    Ford will not offer a diesel in their 2010 ambulance prep package. Here is the story from
  14. karaya

    The Disappearing ET

    Here's a new article titled The Disappearing Endotracheal Tube by Dr. Bledsoe and William Gandy that appears on
  15. karaya

    Bledsoe O2 Article

    With some of the discussion lately around O2 use, I spotted this Bledsoe article that was just posted on
  16. karaya

    Floridian Tapped to Head FEMA

    Here is a brief on the annoucement.: From what I learned on the news today, he is a paramedic and former volunteer fireman.
  17. karaya

    Kansas City fire truck strikes, kills child

    Here is the link: KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City fire truck heading to a call with lights and sirens flashing has struck and killed a 7-year-old boy.
  18. karaya

    Humorous Top Ten EMS Predictions List

    Here's a humorous top ten predictions list that came out on EMS1 about a week ago:
  19. karaya

    Neat IV Setup Tip

    Here's a link to a JEMS online article about preventing air bubbles in IV lines. Neat tip, I didn't know this!
  20. karaya

    Fire Crews Refuse Help to EMS On-Scene

    The outcome of this hole-shot will be interesting: