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  1. NysEms2117

    Maryland Recruiting Link

    don't know where to put this, but if you're in MD, and you need extra PAID work check this new link out: Additionally from my knowledge you can have a lapsed cert, and there is a "new initiative" to help get it re-instated if you aide with the...
  2. NysEms2117

    Technology(AI and ML) in EMS

    Being a tech nerd(and part time-ish EMT)I’m wondering what you full time providers think the benefits to artificial intelligence and machine learning are in the EMS fields. I think huge advancements can be made with artificial intelligence and “common issues” that emt’s and paramedics run into...
  3. NysEms2117

    New York State emt-B renewal

    Hello all, I am returning from the shadows, and I’ve come to the time to renew my feet for reciprocity sake, I was wondering if distance cme credits found here: Would be valid, and if anybody has taken them...
  4. NysEms2117

    NJ School Bus crash

    Horrific accident near me, lots of kids are still in the hospital. Was an absolutely massive response. Lots of ordinary folks stopped to help prior to first responders getting there. Jury's still out if it was "successful" or not...
  5. NysEms2117

    Maryland EMS

    Any folks from Maryland on here? or previously worked EMS in Maryland?
  6. NysEms2117

    EMS change of life

    Just wondering if anybody else has gone through "life changes" by switching careers drastically from EMS to any other type of employment. Just curious to see how others have felt about it and how lifestyle changed, due to myself going through said change.
  7. NysEms2117

    NYS Recert methods

    This is for all you New york state folks. I got certified originally in NYS, and my certification lapses in about 8 months, just trying to figure out how to re-cert the easiest way possible. I'd like to avoid going back to a classroom if possible. Thanks folks.
  8. NysEms2117

    albany/selkirk flight paramedic position

    Air methods is about to post an opening if anybody wanted to work in albany as a flight paramedic. Don't know if anybody is interested or not!
  9. NysEms2117

    Westchester EMS

    I think I will be moving into Westchester county, could anybody provide any information on how their county works? Is it volunteer mainly? Hospital based? Any help would be great!
  10. NysEms2117

    Car porn

    Just noticed some of you guys on here are interested in cars, Figured i'd start a thread to ask some questions see if anybody knows anything about your problem. I personally love cars, planning a build of a hemi cuda' or a GTO judge 70' soon. So ask away!
  11. NysEms2117

    Pre-Hospital physicians

    Just curious to see if you guys have any questions on the topic. I would also like to hear your input/critiques ect. new or experienced. This is something that has just lifted off where i work, I've used it 2 times and have a relatively in depth understanding of how it's supposed to work...
  12. NysEms2117

    Headsets for ground ambulances??

    I've seen a few pictures of ground ambulance crews having headsets, and just kinda wondering what is going on, because i can't see a reason for it? Anybody have anything on this?
  13. NysEms2117

    RN on ground ambulance?

    By me CCRN's or RN's are only used on few ground transports. Was wondering how it is in different parts of the country. If you could also include certificate requirements that'd be nice :).
  14. NysEms2117

    Advancing BVM Education

    As an EMT-B I have come to realize proper BVM use, is one of the most important things I can learn. I can generally get a good seal, due to my mammoth hands, and know my proper vent intervals ect. However, I've heard of things like "Sellick’s maneuver" being tossed around by other people, and i...
  15. NysEms2117

    PEEP in BLS?

    Im an EMT-B, but do not ride on a BLS rig, are PEEP(Positive end-expiratory pressure) valves commonly used in BLS? Are they allowed to be used in BLS? I've seen countless videos of how PEEP is helpful, if used PROPERLY. ~Andrew
  16. NysEms2117

    patient approach

    I know there was a thread on what you say to a patient when you first approach them, for this thread I would like to talk about the following: Body language, angles of approach, style(hesitant, or arms wide open), along with any other things you'd like to add. Personally my style is most likely...
  17. NysEms2117

    Nursing school counting as CEU?

    Does anybody know if taking classes for nursing school will be able to "double count" as CEU's also? I still have about 2 years on my current cert, just trying to see if I can get "my ducks in a row" before **** hits the fan and im doing this that and the other thing a few days before. As...
  18. NysEms2117

    How to evolve EMS

    Hello everybody, I'm asking some of the more "experienced" providers, and even some of us newer folks(myself) the following question: How can EMS be Evolved, into a "reputable" profession, why do you think what you do, and how realistic do you feel it is to do what you are suggesting. The reason...
  19. NysEms2117

    Civilian military Medical jobs

    Has anybody ever worked for the Civilian side of our military. I know places like Ft. Drum hire paramedics, and RN's. Would they work in a VA clinic? I'm not sure why they would need a paramedic when they have their own medics on base. Especially a place like Ft. Drum with SF(10th Mountain...
  20. NysEms2117

    Forum verification

    I don't even know if i'm necessarily allowed to do this, but here we go :). I belong to a Law enforcement forum and they do verification of credentials. For example, i sent in a picture of my ID card at work (Personal Address blotted out) and they verified me as a NYS Parole officer. Maybe we...