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  1. Martyn

    Car crashes into ambulance in Pinellas Park, 5 transported to hospital...
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    London Ambulance Service: Paramedics needed to meet record levels of demand
  3. Martyn

    Ambulance wait times endangering patients, doctors say
  4. Martyn

    Londoners send ambulances to Ukraine
  5. Martyn

    Lake District paramedic 'honoured' to test jet suit
  6. Martyn

    Paramedics hurt in motorcycle crash
  7. Martyn

    Paramedic, 21, killed in Tonbridge, UK ambulance crash
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    Afghanistan: RAF veteran recalls lives saved to stop own 'dark spiral'
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    Close call
  10. Martyn

    Technician dies after ambulance on 999 call hit by object...
  11. Martyn

    Jet suit paramedic tested in the Lake District 'could save lives'
  12. Martyn

    EMT students not getting training...

    ...they once did due to COVID-19 concerns.
  13. Martyn

    Second laser attack on Wiltshire Air Ambulance...
  14. Martyn

    Two ambulance paramedics stabbed in Wolverhampton, UK

    I wish them both a speedy recovery...
  15. Martyn

    Florida EMT Fed Up With COVID-19 Precautions Intentionally Coughed on Cashier
  16. Martyn

    EMTs have stopped taking people in cardiac arrest to coronavirus-strained hospitals “No adult non-traumatic or blunt traumatic cardiac arrest is to be transported to a hospital with manual or mechanical compression in progress without either return of spontaneous circulation...
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    EMS conference in Tampa, attendee's may have been exposed to Covid19...
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    Coronavirus screening by 911 dispatchers
  19. Martyn

    FDNY EMS member tests positive for coronavirus
  20. Martyn

    Italian teenagers force ambulance staff to treat friend