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    the 100% directionless thread

    Fentanyl hysteria is hitting here like I have not seen before. Many patients decline it for pain (and ketamine because of our local issues here). Also just transported an officer who sat in the same the cruiser of another officer who was transported for a possible exposure. The first officer...
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    Utilizing Cadaver Labs for Anatomy

    We are fortunate to have an agreement with a cadaver lab that caters to EMS and EM that is not part of an academic center. They are a "whole body donation" center and host organizations at a pretty low cost, to the point that we have quarterly access. No dissection here as that would eliminate...
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    Narcotic Log Book

    PSTrax developed a controlled substance tracking module. Our paramedics use that in addition to its use for rig and equipment checks.
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    Seattle medic one

    Are SFD paramedics also firefighters while they are working on the medic one units?
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    BLS. Do you prefer AHA or Red Cross?

    No but you can't make your own either.
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    Ideas for EMS Morale Patches

    I have bought several over the years but would say the market is saturated. My Dunkin’ styled “America tubes on ketamine” is a prized possession.
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    first unit in is the last unit out

    It is a common practice that the first ambulance may assume a medical group supervisor role which accounts for triage/treatment/transportation. This may mean you end up transporting the last few greens once everyone else is gone. But that’s pretty system specific, if Fire is IC and also...
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    Frankly I think that is a pretty terrible attitude towards treating pain. There’s a lot of non-traumatic causes of pain that while not life threatening are worthy of your paramedic treatments. What is your reasoning here? Our transports are 20 minutes, longer to some other receivings. We have...
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    EMS Deserts in Connecticut

    Colorado only requires by state statue that counties provide law enforcement and wildfire suppression. There are many rural areas in this state that have no designated EMS response and ambulances respond out of district as a courtesy with enourmous response times. Even the county that I work in...
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    We recently started carrying Toradol. Have personally had it for spinous process fractures and it was quite effective, others report the same for kidney stones. Anyone else have any tips, tricks, or conditions that they find it especially useful for? 15mg IV/30mg IM.
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Always killed me when I made fast turns three times in a row for calls holding and then when I finally need the bathroom and a bottle of water the supe is immediately on my phone. If someone is habitually slow, pay attention and address it. Don’t miss that.
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    Should EMS/Fire be armed?

    Willfully breaking laws while on duty is not an option. I mean I guess by the definition of the word it is, but seems a bit absurd.
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    BLS. Do you prefer AHA or Red Cross?

    While I dislike the AHA greatly as a student and even more as an instructor, Colorado requires state EMS office approval of the program issuing BLS and ACLS cards.
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    Should EMS/Fire be armed?

    How does that work for all the places that prohibit firearms on the premises except for law enforcement?
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Plot twist, I am a firefighter! But the difference of the FF/PMs who know what the back of an ambulance looks like and those who don’t….remains staggering.
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    Should EMS/Fire be armed?

    Learned through training, so they could do a completely different job (well at least the border patrol guys). Not sure how the listed PD works, I am aware there places that have PD providing EMS. Sometimes there’s reasons why service delivery models are uncommon, and the fact that a few PDs...
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    Hospitals doing Procedures on Gurney

    Three out of four major hospitals here give EMS one free Starbucks a day. This combined with actual EMS rooms with treats and never holding the wall makes me actually feel lucky occasionally.
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    Paramedic internship

    I do think there is more than a little value in learning what is appropriate to downgrade to BLS and what is not. Any time my intern rides in with the EMT we’ll talk about why that was appropriate and what would have made it cross the line. I am not sure how I feel about BLS calls not counting...
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    Good Luck Charm

    Baby yoda used to roll around with us but our ambo went to the shop with him and has been gone for three months. No change in luck so far.
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    the 100% directionless thread

    When the big city fire department tells me they didn’t think the syncope patient really needed an EKG, and “oh our monitor is dead anyway and you guys can just transport.” This patient is in a third degree block bro. Her rate is not 70, it’s 30.