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    LeFlore County EMS Oklahoma is Hiring

    LeFlore County EMS is still looking for Paramedics to work in beautiful Southeastern Oklahoma. The South Eastern Oklahoma area is rich in outdoors activities, and has all four seasons...While our County has numerous shopping and dining options. Fort Smith Arkansas is just 25minutes from our...
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    LeFlore County EMS Oklahoma is Hiring

    Leflore County EMS in South Eastern Oklahoma is hiring for two Full-Time Paramedic positions. We are a 522 taxing district that covers all 1,500sqmiles of Leflore County and approximately 50 sqmiles of surrounding counties... Leflore County operates 6 Full time Ambulances in a very rural...
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    Williamson County EMS wins multiple awards at State EMS conference
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    FTO pay and or stipend

    Hello, Trying to do some research here, if you would not mind. Could you please help me out and answer the following questions. 1. Does your service pay FTOs? If so, how much and in what way? 2. What is the process to become an FTO at your service? 3. Are FTOs always paid their...
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    Williamson County EMS- Texas

    Hello everyone, the applicaiton period just opened today for Williamson Counties May hiring process for the position of Field Paramedic. Applications will clsoe on May 1st, testing will be over 3 days in May. May 13-16th. PM me if you have questions, or call the recruitment line at 512-801-8700...
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    Louisiana EMS

    Been looking around abit, out of pure curiosity was wondering....... are New Orleans and East Baton Rouge EMS the only third services in the state? Are there others?
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    Williamson County EMS is Hiring Paramedics

    Hello, Williamson County EMS in Central Texas(just above Austin) is currently accepting applications for a Feb. hiring process. Williamson County EMS is a 3rd service EMS agency in Central Texas that Operates 16 Ambulances spread throughout our 1,182sq mile coverage area. Williamson County...
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    Kern Co. CA

    I keep a lot about the protocols in Kern CO being more "Advanced" or providing more Freedom than most areas in CA. My question is, how? What exactly about the protocols is different compared to the rest of CA....... ALS & BLS
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    Prince William County VA

    I see this Department job post a lot, Anyone work for them or have any insight? Pay and benefits looks good for a Medic. From the LOOKS of things good equipment, can't find anythign tos ee if protocols are up to date, do they particpate in research or studies? I have seen them in a lot of EMT...
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    Riverside Paramedics Inc.

    I came across a patch today, it is older looking. White Background with Blue Lettering. It says Riverside Paramedics Inc. on it. I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of this company? My initial thought was that it used to be the Paramedic service for Riverside, Ca. AMR did a lot of Mom...
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    The 4 paths of EMS Personnel

    Something I have been giving thought to lately, and mind you it is jut one mans thoughts so feel free to join in and add your two cents or opinions! And sorry that there is so much to read. I have terrible grammar, so don't mind the misplaced or lack there of comas and run ons. A Background: I...
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    So what will Las Vegas do?

    Study that Las Vegas had a third party conduct on the Fire Dept. suggest either the Fire Department gets out of EMS transports completely to save Money, or take it over completely to make money. Here is the video story...
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    Interview Question: If EMS was not around, What would you be?

    So, years ago when I was hired where I am now. We had a different Medcial Director than the current, this Medical would sit in on interviews and would not ask Medically related questions but questions that he used to try to get to know you(along with the other standard questions from the...
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    Please read: A Christmas Wish For A Dying Boy I will be sending one, I hope you do too...
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    EMS is the most dangerous job in the US

    I personally know two people killed in the line of duty, so I found this interesting
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    Savannah GA EMS

    Who runs it in Savannah? I looked online and it showed that Coastal EMS has an operation there which is a sister company of Metro Atlanata, but all it says on the website is that they assist the local 911 provider. However I cannot find who the local prodiver is..... and it is not the fire...
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    South Carolina EMS

    Anyone on here work in a South Carolina EMS system? If so, who do you work for? Have had a hard time finding anyone from SC on here. Have questions.
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    Richland County EMS

    Does anyone know anything about Richland County EMS? Protocols, shifts, number of units, things along those lines? I know they fall under the SC retirement system and from what I have seen are one of the top 3 as far as pay in the state. How is working for them? Career system?
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    West Texas EMS Questions

    Ward, Reeves, and Pecos Counties? I cannot find anything on them, there is not much info online....... also, are there any other County third service EMS departments out that way besides the ones I listed? Any info would be appreciated
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    Question about North Carolina EMS

    I know that years ago state legislature put the responsibility soley on the Counties, and that is why we see County based EMS all over NC. All over the Country we see FD takeovers and NC seems to be one of the few affected, my question is: Has there been any talk or push on state legislature...