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    First Day in Newark, NJ

    Soo tomorrow at 6am I start my first shift as an EMT in Newark(Ironbound). Any words of wisdom?
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    Hospital Sponsorship EMT-P

    As I start my Senior year in high school I am still puzzled by what i want to do in life. One strong path that so far I'm enjoying alot is Emergency Medicine. Yes even though being an fresh EMT-B I have a strong taste for medicine. I'm currently taking two courses sponsored by UMDNJ. Anatomy and...
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    Brooklyn girl dies from asthma attack

    Where'd he go wrong
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    Who do i chose

    So way back when i was 16 i decided to apply for a first aid squad we'll call them Squad A. I got the thumbs up and then they lost my paper work and forgot about me. Then in Feb Squad A contacted me and said we found your paper work come by for another interview. I did and all went well. They...
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    4th of July

    Soo in the Great State of New Jersey, your required to complete 10 straight hours in the ER. I got assigned the night shift for the 4th of July.. My question to all is: How bad is it on the 4th of July, and if any past experiences please tell all.
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    Hard at Hearing

    What stethoscope would be good? Having a hard time picking up the pulse with the training scopes the course provided. Instructor said i should invest in my own. Since I blast music through headphones kinda hard of hearing Any suggestions?