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  1. MTB24

    Paramedic text books

    ^ This! Definitely check out amazon for rental prices, because they are fairly cheaper instead of buying the books.
  2. MTB24

    Advanced training for an EMT B

    I have to agree with everyone above, A+ for the learning drive you have! But just save your money and go to medic school. There isn't anything wrong with watching FOAMed videos and furthering knowledge per say on 12 leads. But to spend money on a class just for knowledge seems a little crazy...
  3. MTB24

    Springback Clipboard

    Have you checked on amazon? I found a few on there unless you are looking for metal.
  4. MTB24

    Where can I get those "EMS Strong" red line wrist bands?

    Im actually curious because I saw one the other day and wondered the same exact thing. I hope we can find out where they come from!
  5. MTB24

    Lenior Community College EMS-Paramedic hybird program

    As a current student of the program, I would highly advise you to look for other options that would give a thorough program layout. The downfall of the program is that the layout is very poor, and not crafted to balance someones life and full time job. As a 21 year old, its not very difficult...
  6. MTB24

    Staying calm

    I believe that we have all had and even still have to a certain degree the anxiousness of being a newer EMT or Paramedic. With repetition and responding to calls, as time passes we build up confidence and tolerance to high stress scenarios. I've been an EMT for 2.5 years and started out on a...