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    Advanced care tech

    I noticed that our hospital began a new position for the ER and certain units. Normally we have a Patient care tech that is usually equal to the EMT-B and RN which can sometimes be equal to an RN. I can't really get info on it from anyone so I'm wondering if I theres anything similar out there...
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    Radio strap or Belt clip?

    Looking for something to hold my radio, Should I get a swivel clip that the belt feeds through or should I get an over the shoulder strap? Cost seems somewhat similar, what brands?
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    Brady Paramedic books

    In search of vol 1-5. Thank you!
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    Applying for a PRN basic postion

    I was wondering if i should apply for a PRN position at an ambulance thats about an hours drive from here. A little back story here, I am a basic that couldnt get hired at an ambulance service so i took a PCT job at the hospital to get experience. Wanting to go to P school in the fall If I...
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    Couldnt get hired as a basic

    So i tried applying for a few places as a basic, ive had a couple of interviews but didnt get the job. I want to go for paramedics but im worried that i wont be able to find a job. I ended up getting hired but its inside the hospital so maybw thatll help as experience.