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    CPR Makes you undead

    Every once in a while a public service announcement (PSA) comes along that truly takes your breath away. In this new video, "The Undeading," a horde of zombies performs CPR on a hapless victim.
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    A case of bad documentation?

    A man who was hurt in a car crash but was misidentified as a cancer patient claims security guards at Prince George's Hospital beat him up when he tried to leave the hospital to avoid chest surgery he didn't need - "to have a potentially cancerous mass removed from his chest." He adds that one...
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    Ambulance Corps treasurer accused of stealing $100K

    NEWINGTON — The treasurer of the Newington Volunteer Ambulance Corps was arrested on larceny and forgery charges Tuesday after an audit uncovered an embezzlement scheme where he allegedly siphoned off more than $100,000 from the organization over at least three years, officials said. Fredrick...