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    welcome to the digital world

    what do you think of electronic health records? isn't it rad how technology has made our life less chaotic? Gone are the days when health practitioners solely rely on paper charts and medical books to find the best treatment plan for their patients. does your doctor use EHRs?
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    Does Chinese pharmacist use E-prescription?

    E-prescribing is widely used in different states especially in NY. I am just wondering if Chinese uses this also? Sounds awkward though but I just wanna know how they do it? What kind of medium do they use? TIA
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    20 weeks pregnant?

    I'm with my sister-in-law right now. We are discussing about her 5 months of pregnancy. I think, that would be 20 weeks. Actually, she is relating to me some changes on her behavior which we can't understand. Anything we still need to know about it? We'll appreciate if you could share your...
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    Public or Hybrid Clouds for Business?

    Hi to everyone! I just want to get information about clouds in terms of technology in business. You know, I want to learn more in terms of internet terminology. I might be needing this soon. My family is starting another business. I'll be in charge to manage it and I notice that everyone is...
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    work work work

    Hey guys, let me ask you this? What would you prefer, working in an office where you need to compete with one another or do you like it better if you work in an office where teamwork is encouraged in meeting targets?