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    Introducing the Lifestar EC Nitrile Exam Glove from Microflex

    As an Emergency Medical Professional you know the importance of a good Exam Glove. TheLifestar EC Nitrile Exam Glove from Microflex is THAT glove. Designed specifically for EMS, the Lifestar EC Nitrile Exam Glove is thick enough to protect you in the most difficult situations while still...
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    New Kansas law allows EMS/FD to concealed carry.

    Someone once told me "don't be part of the emergency." He was old school and I kind of snickered at his comment. This post brought that comment to mind.
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    NPA and OPA Manikin

    Nasco sells the Life/form Adult Airway Management Trainer Torso. It's less expensive. You can find it at QuadMed (full disclosure, I work for QuadMed). We would be more than happy to assist you.
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    I Want Stryker and Ferno stretchers

    Usually a PowerPro used will be going for about 9000 or so depending on condition. Also, ask for the serial number and date of manufacturer. Stryker may or may not work on them if they are too old. Ran into this a few months ago.
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    Stryker Bariatric Gurney

    Im expecting some to come available in 5-7 weeks. I will let you know.
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    Rapid Application Tourniquet System (RATS) TQ

    There are so many tourniquets out in the market now and I still feel that the original designs like the CAT and SOFT are still the best. Personal opinion.
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    Zoll AED Plus: Unit Failed

    Foremost Equipment in Rochester, NY is a good company that has a Biomed department who can help you for a reasonable charge.
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    Are You Using Automated Chest Compression Devices in the Field

    Several Automated Chest Compression devices are now available for CPR. Physio-Control really had the market cornered with the Lucas for the longest time. Are you using one of these devices?
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    Needed: Fairly recent paramedic and EMT textbooks

    Are you still looking for some text books? I have a few.
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    St John Appeals for Volunteer Life-Savers

    Organisers of the St John Ambulance Bedford John Bunyan unit are appealing for new volunteers to step forward, with opportunities as adult first aiders, youth leaders and badgers. Adult volunteers carry out first aid duties at events including the Bedford River Festival, the Bedford Kite...
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    Two New Ambulances Approved for Dougherty County EMS

    Dougherty County EMS will soon be adding two new ambulances to their fleet. County Commissioners approved the $274,966 purchase at their meeting on Monday morning. EMS director Greg Rowe said they're running over 22,000 calls a year, 7 trucks a day. On average they are putting about 3,000 plus...