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    Rising Fuel Costs Will Cut EMS Response

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    EMS with anxiety.. is this the wrong career?

    I mean, it seems like you're answering this question yourself.
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    Hospitals doing Procedures on Gurney

    In Kansas City, we have done this all the time. Depending on the procedure, it's to the patient's interest to remain on our cot. I have been told my various supervisors that they want to request us to provide a down time < (less than) 20 minutes, but I routinely have extended that, again, in...
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    How many hours a week?

    Average week is 56 hours, with 48, 72, 96, and periodically 120 hours (in a single 7-day period)... I barely make ends meet (but I'm a fancy gentleman) with the base hours, so OT is something of a must.
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    what is your county / state / etc protocol for transport for request for detox?

    I would think the type of patient who doesn't need to go to an ED doesn't need an ambulance.
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    Should we of Initiated cpr earlier

    Altered? Agonal breathing? Bag full of medications? Yes, to narcan. Also, the charge nurse '...wants to ask why..." doesn't have to be taken as an accusation.
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    Your Controversial EMS-Related Opinion

    That would be my take here, more or less. 3 medics on some pumpers, and 2 on each ambulance, plus various chiefs and supervisors - all medics.
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    Your Controversial EMS-Related Opinion

    Johnson County, KS is probably getting 7 medics on most codes. Does the study referenced above make the distinction between EMT and paramedic?
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    Do we have a responsibility to share potential fees with patients?

    Which group of people are you asking me about?
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    Do we have a responsibility to share potential fees with patients?

    I would dare say that the responsibility of the medical debt crisis is about 97% very poor decisions on the part of individuals, about 2.999% the result of some bad luck or other factors out of the control of the individual and about 0.001% the result of ignorance of ambulance transport billing...
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    In need of advice regarding "pager pay employment"

    Local AMR did this in the recent past for their NICU transport. On-Call, 24 hour shifts, $1.50/hr. They actually hired a guy to do it five (5) days a week. Unreal.
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    Why is hypertension so common?

    Also, the AHA reduced the threshold to 140 systolic.
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    Refusal on possible SI patient?

    Is this still a thing?
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    Routine PPE

    We can use goggles, but the ones issued are awfully uncomfortable and fog up easily, making any isolation moot when I'm having to remove them and rub them clear again repeatedly... Could you provide a link to what you use, both the "basic" as you put it and the ski mask version? I like the...
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    Mandated Overtime Shifts

    I'm glad I've never worked anywhere were an enforced OT mandate was in place (or used). Currently, we have enough guys who enjoy the OT checks that we generally don't have an issue. There is a neighboring agency that has enforced holdovers, and on the face of it, doesn't sound terrible. You...
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    Coronavirus Discussion Thread

    Just to be clear, I am not and would not equate concern about the virus as alarmist. I am referring to someone specifically as such. There are ranges of outcomes, with given percent probabilities. Taking the worst possible case scenario (being shot into the sun by an alien slingshot, for...
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    Coronavirus Discussion Thread

    The alarmist leftist in my FB feed (also, the head of a local EMS agency) just declared that this second spike will be worst than the first. Also, stated that the area hospitals are "at capacity" (they are, uh, very much not). Given the politicisation in the initial phase, I'm awfully dubious...
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    Are we taking "Scene Safety" too far?
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    Decreased Call Volume and System Response

    My FT job has cut PT hours, but a few people have deployed to NY, so there are open shifts for those who want to work. Many PT employees have voluntarily stepped away (or simply, accepted the lack of hours) due to personal concerns. There's been a definite drop in the transports, both 911...
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    Coronavirus Discussion Thread

    According to, "ICU beds available is the total number of ICU beds available for COVID patients minus the average historical ICU bed use."