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    Salary Keeping Pace with Inflation?

    Most EMS services across the US doesn't pay equal to living expenses on a normal year; so why would you think they would increase pay to match the Cost of Living (Inflation) now? Some areas would have to give 50% plus pay raises to make that happen.
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    EMT Shortage is hitting hard in CT

    Hard to make the US the same across the country: the 2 counties that Dr. Parasite mentioned were great examples for the East Coast; and even most of the Midwest and South East. But I work in the West: at my PT job I work in 1 of 3 EMS services in the county: 52,500 population in the county...
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    Florida Curious

    Disney World seems to be hiring Medics quite often (friend works there); pay seems low, but she said cost of living is low if you get away from the immediate area around Disney World
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    Helicopter Stuff and Things

    I wish I could take pictures today, we have 6 chinooks, 8 Blackhawks, and 6 Apaches, sitting 1/4 mile from my station If needed we could use any of the Blackhawks or Chinooks for Medevac Missions. That would freak out the hospitals.
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    Helicopter Stuff and Things

    Any hospital that lands on the roof of the parking garage can land a Chinook, besides that just land them on the street in front: drivers will stop. Of course you can do a low hover and drop the back ramp, 30 deg down angle. Had a pilot tell me that they could hover over my ambulance and...
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    Fav down time spots

    Parking lot at the Indianapolis Zoo was great, especially with a new partner when the Mountain lion was noisy (sounds just like a screaming lady). Friday/Saturday nights: in an alley between 2 dance clubs downtown, along with 5 other ambulances; we would actually get runs from the drunks and...
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    "Asthma attack"

    I used to check BGL with every IV, all that free blood everywhere, might as well make use of it for something, but our new IV catheters have a valve in them so they don't bleed everywhere anymore. If the RR was faster I would say it was asthma that was well on the way to resp failure and the...
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    First EMT job in IFT

    You will learn more about EMS doing IFT than 911: I did both for 8 years and I enjoyed it. You will transport people who are unresponsive, and that is their normal state: people who are fun to talk to, people that will hit on you (sexually), 95 year old lady would try to grope all of the...
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    Frozen NACL

    Kind of funny since they say not to let it get colder than 45 deg. F or throw it out: I had to check on all of our medications because we didn't have an ambulance garage and that was how we were able to get a heated/AC garage built is to keep medications healthy
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    A 'lil Dizzy

    For approx. 5 years our area did 12mg Adenosine only (12, 12, 12). I never had to give it. Last 2 years they went back to 6, 12 and 12 and I have had to give it 3 times since. 6mg has worked all 3 times for me. Prior to that 6 mg only worked once, I had to cardiovert * 2; When I was BLS and...
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    NY Paramedic shot in back of ambulance

    Last patient that I flew to the hospital when they stripped him for surgery, (he was unconscious) an small .22 fell out of his crotch. Scared the crap out of the nurses, and we got called and chew out by the flight crew, who had been chewed out by the hospital: I asked the same question the...
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    Should EMS/Fire be armed?

    My PT job we can carry concealed, owner is ok with it, and her insurance company is too. Especially since in the 8,500 square mile response area we may be 2 hours from the police and part of the area we don't have cell and radio coverage so calling the police is tough. Carrying into schools...
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    Please help me

    What Mike says.
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    NY Paramedic shot in back of ambulance

    And that happening is scary as hell. Last time I found a gun on a patient was 30 minutes into a 45 minute transport going to a helicopter, when everything was done and I was trying to find ID, and medication list and Med hx. (hoping) trying to find out why my 76 y/o was unconscious. Found ID...
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    NY Paramedic shot in back of ambulance

    So you are doing a full head to toe assessment, for an ankle injury? that includes hands on every part of the patient? Hands into the crotch? let us know how that works,
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    Should EMS/Fire be armed?

    If I was allowed to carry on duty (CCW) and someone pulled a gun and shot me or my partner (or shot at us) in the back of the ambulance; yes I would pull mine and shoot back, and continue shooting him until he stopped moving. Hypothetically of course. Otherwise it is beat the patient with our...
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    How did that get there again???

    Was he a former prisoner? I used to do a lot of prison transfers and we had quite a few of those. Usually they were honest about doing it though. Had a nurse on her last day in the prison infirmary that took 5 prisoners that came in to get help getting them back out (which is something I am...
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    What is your most ridiculous call?

    We had a suicide on the freeway in my last area (FD); guy drove 200 miles till he ran out of gas, pulled over; popped the hood. Watched and timed it right and walked in the front of a Semi. He was hit by 2 Semi's and 5 cars. He didn't survive. We ended transporting a total of 7 people out of...
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    Hypotensive CHF patient

    What was her normal BP? People get so stressed out about BP being low, without ever asking what the patients normal BP is. If this patient was my dad, yes that is a low BP (he is normally 150/90). If this is me, this is a little high (normal 80/40).