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  1. MMiz

    Salary Keeping Pace with Inflation?

    Did you receive a big pay bump this year to keep pace with inflation? I received a few retention bonuses (about 8% of my salary), but not much in the way of long-term salary increases.
  2. MMiz

    Where is the money in private EMS?

    I visited an ambulance outfitter's facebook page and noticed post after post of deliveries to newly formed ambulance services. Where is the big money in private EMS? I can't think of anyone, from EMT to CEO in private EMS that are making bank. Am I missing something?
  3. MMiz

    How many hours a week?

    How many hours do you work in a typical work week? What is your position? Trying to figure out if it's possible to pay the bills working the roads with a 40 hour work week.
  4. MMiz

    12 Lead EKG Electrode Placement

    Are providers actually palpating and counting intercostals when placing electrodes?
  5. MMiz

    Dispatch Health, Ready Responders, and others

    I looks like DispatchHealth is starting to hire paramedics in my area. Has anyone worked for them or similar company?
  6. MMiz

    Anyone using Lytx DriveCam / "Intelligent dash cams"?

    I saw that Amazon and UPS are both using these drive cams to monitor driving behavior. They appear to be able to monitor: Cell Phone / Handheld Device usage No Seat belt Driver Smoking Food or Drink Rolling Stops Lane Departures Following Distance Issues Speed/Location I've used ZOLL's...
  7. MMiz

    Regular Partner Pairings a Detriment to Safety?

    I've been following the MedJet crash on a piloting forum and there are several comments noting that the two pilots working having worked together extensively may be a contributing cause to the incident. Several posters have remarked that two pilots with an extensive history of working together...
  8. MMiz

    What happened to Cypress Creek EMS?

    They always seemed to be at the forefront of EMS. Axon bodycams, in-field blood work, strong education programs, the best equipment. Where did they go wrong?
  9. MMiz

    Your Controversial EMS-Related Opinion

    What controversial opinion(s) do you have about EMS? I'll go first: those that refuse to be vaccinated shouldn't be in EMS.
  10. MMiz

    Is your public EMS service providing interfacility transports?

    I was surprised to see how many interfacility transports my county service provides. There doesn't appear to be a shortage of private companies serving the area. I'm shocked. Is this the norm for public/third service agencies?
  11. MMiz


    I recently found that my local EMS service posts dispatch information to PulsePoint. In addition to providing a status screen with local EMS/fire units, it also notifies trained users nearby if CPR is needed. Really slick implementation. Does your organization use PulsePoint? Have you ever...
  12. MMiz

    What is your service doing to attract applicants?

    With a national shortage of EMS providers, what is your service doing to attract candidates? Pay raises? Sign on bonuses?
  13. MMiz

    Jury awards nearly $50 million after Fresno County man injured in ambulance ride

    Jury awards nearly $50 million after Fresno County man injured in ambulance ride A Fresno County jury has awarded a Kingsburg man nearly $50 million in damages for injuries he suffered while being transported to the hospital by American Ambulance. “On the way over, the paramedic decided to...
  14. MMiz

    Why are we still interpreting cardiac rhythms?

    Whenever I see a cardiac strip posted online, in this community or elsewhere, I note how different the interpretations are by so many qualified people. With AI, deep learning models, and so much technology, why aren't we better leveraging technology to assess cardiac rhythms? Why in 2021 are...
  15. MMiz

    Anyone using Ultrasound?

    The Phillips Lumify looks like an impressive ultrasound device made for EMS. Is anyone using one?
  16. MMiz

    The Next Steps for EMS: Facilitating Telemedicine?

    Though the pandemic has been horrible in many ways, I'm a huge fan of the number of providers willing to transition to telehealth. Could the future of EMS include providers helping facilitate telehealth as a medical assistant of sorts?
  17. MMiz

    Why do we love the stretcher in the United States?

    Over the past few weeks I've watched quite a few episodes of the British TV show Ambulance on YouTube. On the TV show I rarely see patients carried out of their homes on stretchers. Instead, nearly every time the patient is walked to the ambulance or strapped on to a stair chair-like chair...
  18. MMiz

    EMTLIFE Community-Driven Medic Down Memorial Site?

    Would there be any interest in a community-maintained site to memorialize EMS providers that had died in the line of duty? I have the domain, hosting, and a basic design. We'd need EMTLIFE members provide feedback as we customize the site and to submit memorials. Any interest?
  19. MMiz

    EMS Deaths due to Covid?

    Based on the ODMP memorial, nearly 200 police officers died due to complications of COVID-19. Do we have any statistics of EMS fatalities?
  20. MMiz

    Do we have a responsibility to share potential fees with patients?

    At least once a year I hear from people about how absolutely shocked they are at the cost of an EMS transport. Why aren't we advising patients of the costs prior to transport? As an EMT I was always quick to say that I didn't know about billing, because I didn't know much beyond anecdotes from...