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    FOAMed Video - Naloxone Pharmacology

    Hey all! Back again with a requested video, how did I do? Disagree with any of the presented data? Anyone have a source for the peak of duration for any of Naloxone's routes? I couldn't find anything
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    Marijuana Pharmacology - FOAMed Video

    In preparation for the upcoming major decriminalization of marijuana in Canada this year I set about reading everything I could get my hands on to really carve out my understanding of it. I figured I would share my findings in video form. Would like to know what you think of it and especially...
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    Metoprolol Pharmacology - FOAMed Video

    It`s been awhile, went back to school recently and time has been limited to work on side projects. How`d I do? Anything on Metoprolol that I missed? Anything you disagree with? Anything you would have added? Let me know Cheers!
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    Opiate Overdose Quick Trick - FOAMed Video

    Hello again, Would really like to hear some of your "quick tricks" here's a simple one I was given by a colleague awhile back. What great "quick tricks" do you have?
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    IV Prep Quick Trick - FOAMed Video

    I'm not a big fan of mnemonics but find myself using this one quite a bit. Which ones do you find yourselves actually using?
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    Ipratropium Bromide Pharmacology - FOAMed Video

    What do you think? Anything you were taught differently? Anyone have a source on mucous inhibition?
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    Midazolam Pharmacology - FOAMed Video

    Getting into a rhythm with these, or at the very least getting better at drawing medication vials. What do you think? Anything you were taught differently?
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    FOAMed Video - Fentanyl Pharmacology

    What do you think? Miss anything? Anything you would have put differently?
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    Metaclopramide - FOAMed Video

    Hello EMTlife, What do you think of this coverage of Metaclopramide Pharmacology? Anything in the video you were taught differently? Let me know
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    Morphine - FOAMed Video

    How'd I do? Did I cover all the bases?
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    FOAMed Pathophysiology Video Database

    Hello EMTlife, I've just finished spending hours pouring over YouTube gathering up every decent pathophysiology FOAMed video for every disease in the paramedic body of knowledge. My work so far: It's my hope this video library is helpful to those pre-studying...
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    GERD - FOAMed Video

    Esophageal spasm in your list of Chest pain DDx? Hopefully it will be after this next video As always looking for review and feedback, did I cover this pathology well? Anything I missed?
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    Pericarditis - FOAMed Video

    Hello again EMTlife! I've somehow managed to compile another video in under a week. check it out below if you are interested in learning about the causes, identification and treatment of Pericarditis. How do you differentiate between pericarditis and other sources of chest discomfort in your...
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    Arteriosclerosis - FOAMed video

    Hello EMTlife, Just finished another video, this time on Arteriosclerosis. Looking for input/feedback on its content and presentation. Let me know if I've erred in the representation of anything or if you would add anything
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    The Initial Assessment - a FOAPed Video

    Hello EMTlife, I've just recently completed another video, this time on the initial assessment. Would like to hear your thoughts on this core piece of medical assessment knowledge. Does you approach differ from mine? Do you believe I erred in any of the information presented? Would you like the...
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    A Thanks to this forum + The Future of Paramedicine

    Hello EMTlife, I've been a paramedic (EMT-P) in Alberta Canada for the past 5 years now and a lurker of this forum for years before that. I wanted to communicate a genuine thanks to the members of this forum for the indirect guidance you have provided in my professional development throughout...
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    Asthma for Paramedics - FOAMed Video

    Another video together, all feedback openly welcomed:
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    OPA Quick Trick - FOAMed video

    Finally able to publish a new video, looking for feedback
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    ASA Pharmacology - FOAMed Video

    4th and final video until I make more, let me know your thoughts
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    Headache Evaluation Acronym (SWEET NOPES) - FOAMed Video

    Video number 3, let me know what you think!