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    Anybody have any experience with Cal-Mat? Not necessarily the FEMA DMAT/etc groups, but the state specific ones. Is California the only state with their own Medical Assistance Team or do other states have them as well? I am curious. :) What do they do? How have your experience with them been?
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    Can you renew PHTLS online?

    The NAEMT website is pretty vague and they haven't replied to my email yet asking for clarification. For both the "Refresher" and "Online PHTLS Module" it says "Upon successful completion of the module, students receive a certificate of completion and 8 hours of CAPCE credit." Do they allow...
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    Sacramento, CA area companies? (for Paramedics)

    Hey everyone! I did search through the archives but most of the posts were 10+ years old, referring to EMT-B jobs only, or devolved into bickering about Orange County. :) Or in some cases, the companies mentioned simply do not exist anymore. How is the Sacramento Area these days? Who's hiring...
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    GW in Kuwait again...

    Most of the threads about it are well over a year old, so I'm looking for current information. Seems that they're recruiting again. Anyone recently gone through with them? What's their process like? Any idea on pay rates? Protocols? I understand that folks still live out on the local economy...
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    Brad Delp 1951-2007

    For those of you that don't know yet, Brad Delp, lead singer for the band Boston, passed away at the age of 55. RIP, dude...
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    Positive experiences with nurses - it happens!

    Two stories: The other night we picked up a pediatric psych patient. We got to the hospital to do the transfer, and found that the nurse had already briefed the family, printed up directions to the receiving hospital for both us and the family, got us a full set of vitals upon arrival, and was...
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    Idle? Turn it off?

    Ok, when you roll up to a scene, do you guys... A Let the rig idle & lock the keys inside B Turn the rig off but leave the mains on C Turn the rig off AND turn the mains off I've been doing "C" because we had a crew wind up with a dead battery when they came off lunch one time, so I've...
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    This is probably a DT4EMS question, but if anyone else wants to chime in, go for it. Exercises. We probably all need them. Think of what muscles you're using when lifting a gurney in & out of a rig. Lower back, abdominals, thighs. You ARE lifing with your legs, right? Now, how many of us...
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    A couple photos

    Poor dispatch. They're nice folks, and we really do try to not annoy them too much. ;) This guy really wanted that parking spot. We were parked at an In & Out getting burgers, and these spots were as far away from the place as you could get because they were really busy.
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    Help me find food!

    In about an hour I get to go to the airport for a flight to Austin, TX. Not a personal trip. I'm stuck in a week long training class for my day job. I tried to get out of it to no avail. Ugh! So, for any of you that have been to Austin, TX - tell me where to find good food. Specifically good...
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    Oh yes, flying sucks.

    Here's the clean version of my New Years adventure with 3 different airlines and states I never wanted to visit: I spent New Years Eve roaming around the country. We didn't see any fireworks, and midnight hit while we were in baggage claim. So, Sarah & I were supposed to fly out of...
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    Bleah. I hate flying.

    We're leaving in a few minutes to go to the airport and then we're flying to Detroit, MI for a connecting flight and finally to Baltimore, MD. Y'all have a Merry Christmas, and if the hotel internet access is b0rked, have a Happy New Year too. Be safe. Don't drink too much spiked egg nog...
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    Awwww yeah!

    I applied with another local ambulance company. My first day is tomorrow. :D My regular service doesn't have any events during the winter months, and I've been itching to get back out there. This will be great because the new company is aware of my other service but they don't compete in...
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    Good service!

    Midnight Medicine - quality shirts, and most excellent customer service. I like places that will actually interact with customers, and I have to say that these guys are pretty cool folks. No, they're not paying me. I'm just in a good mood. :P
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    Glowing veins! Neat! Makes veins glow so they're easier to find, I guess. Glowing stuff is cool.
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    Hire a fire truck

    Hire a Fire Truck! - for birthday parties, etc. Tour SF on an old fire truck - neat!
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    San Carlos FD rescues cat

    Fire Dept saves cat There we go. A happy story for y'all. ;)
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    Caught on film!

    Any of you ever been caught on film and found the photo on the internet? If so, and you have the photos (not just a story!) - link to it. ;-) One photo - the turquoise sleeve on the back of the truck in focus. That's me. My partner at the time had hopped off of the back to run into a...
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    I hate seagulls.

    I was working at a high school football game today. The weather was really nice, and we weren't using an EZ-up. There were seagulls flying around. During a lull in the game, I sat back in my chair and was watching the seagulls fly around above me. Yup, you guessed it. One of the damn birds tried...
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    Two alarm fire destroys San Jose home The off-duty firefighter that was near the scene and stopped by to start getting the family out is apparantly the one that radioed in for a second alarm. The same firefighter is a San Jose FD captain, and was one of the teachers in my EMT-B...