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    NREMT-P APP and Websites?????

    Hello everyone. From what I am reading, JB Learning and Limmer Education’s Paramedic Pass seem to be what everyone is using and being successful. Is there any other Apps or websites that are good? What about Kaplan? Thanks everyone!!!!!
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    HEMS Pre-Employment Question?????

    Hello everyone!!!!! After multiple attempts and several years, I finally got the phone call inviting me to go test for a big (well in my opinion they are big) Flight Program. I was instructed that it is a 3 part process. Written test, Hands on/Scenario test, and finally a Panel Interview. What...
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    FP-C Review Course! Which One?????

    What's going on everyone? I have started to hunker down and start studying for the FP-C and I know a review course will help me greatly in passing on the first attempt. I can't decide on which one will be the best bang for the buck????? I know there is the course from IAMED, one from M.E.C.A...
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    This post is for employees that work for the big HEMS Providers

    A friend of mine worked for the biggest U.S. HEMS provider back in 2006 as a Per Diem Flight Paramedic. Things didn't work out and after 2 mon he was asked to resign. Well he just recently re-applied to the company and was chosen to move through the process and was even about to take the...
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    Hello everyone. I first obtained my NREMT-P and my State of Florida Paramedic back in 2003. I kept the National up until I had to go "INACTIVE" in 2014 and I was given wrong information on how to go back to "ACTIVE" and it lapsed in 2016. Now I am trying to get a Flight Paramedic Job and I need...
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    Military Helicopter Helmet Question

    I noticed in some pictures and in some of the war video games lol that some of the crew members (usually the gunners or door guys) have a piece covering there nose and mouth that attaches to the helmet. What is this called and is it for protection from debris, shrapnel, weather, etc?????
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    Resume question

    I am in the process of making up a resume for the position of Flight Paramedic. I talked to an individual on another site with alot of background and knowledge when it comes to the business, hiring, position, etc. The individual really sounds like he knows what he's talking about. I sent him my...
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    FP-C question

    Just wanted to see what the forum thought. What is the possibility of passing the FP-C exam without have taken the CCEMT-P course and having no Critical Care experinece? Just studying the material and taking a FP-C review class? Can it be done?
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    Flight Medic Boots??

    For those that are Flight Medics or know a Flight Medic. What are a pair of good boots to use for working on and around the helicopter. Not sure if there is a certain boot or will any ol ems boot do?
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    Drug test question

    I noticed on most drug tests that the cutoff level for "Opiates" is 2000 ng/ml. Does Oxycodone fall under this category since it is classified as an opiate,or is there a specific cutoff level for it. I am asking due to a recent issue with a friend at his work in Florida. Thanks.
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    Thinking about joining the reserves

    I work in South Florida as a FF/Medic and I am thinking about joining the reserves and trying to be a Corpsman. Can anyone out there shed some light on what service is the best for me to do this and how it works in the Reserves being a Corpsman? My passion is really to be a Flight Corpsman/Medic...
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    Reserve Flight Corpsman Questions???

    I have seen that you can be a reserve corpsman in most of the services and recently I saw that the Coast Guard has Flight Corpsman. Does anybody know if there are positions in the Reserves as a Flight Corspman or is this just an enlisted position? Any info is much appreciated. Thanks
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    Med-Trans Miami Dade, FL?

    Anyone know or heard about this company starting up a Flight program in Miami, FL? I know Air Methods had a EC-135 at Tamiami Airport for interfacilities but they pulled the base like a year ago.
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    US Paramedic to Queensland Paramedic

    I was looking at some posts and saw that some places in Australia are wanting to recruit US Paramedics and was wondering if anyone has ever done the switch from US to Australia. I went on to Queenslands Ambulance Service website and it seems like a real mission to get reciprocity. Any info would...
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    PHI Air Medical

    Looking for information about the Saudi Arabia location for PHI. Does anybody work/know anyone currently over there as a Flight Medic. Any info like type of aircraft, accommodations, pay, etc. would be great. Thanks
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    Armorgroup paramedic jobs in kabul

    Anyone have info or has worked over in the Kabul Embassy Security Force program in Afghanistan. Please give me any info. Thanks