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  1. EMT91

    So I got a job

    Hey all! Well, I finally got hired. I have applied at various hospitals and clinics here in my area to no avail. I applied at a senior community as a Medtech and Caregiver, and was hired. I figure its a start, being that I have never had a job before, it will get me some experience and perhaps...
  2. EMT91

    Joining the NAEMT?

    Does joining the NAEMT help in terms of getting a job? Like if a company, be it a clinic or ambulance company sees you are part of the NAEMT on your resume, will it look good?
  3. EMT91

    EMT I in Las Vegas, NV

    I have my NREMT I85, but no state/county card/license; I am not currently looking to work for an ambulance company- I am looking to work in a hospital or a clinic...will my NREMT cert suffice or what do I need to do? Is there a test I have to take? If so, what is on the test?
  4. EMT91

    This Thursday is my NREMT I85

    I have been told by some classmates that it was really easy/easier than our final/mostly basic. Any input on this? I used the Success for the EMT basic but did not buy or use any extra resources. Do they put drug calcs on it? Identifying EKG rhythms?
  5. EMT91

    Detalied Physical Exam (Trauma)

    On one page of my book, it says: "Ironically, with critical patients you usually will not have time to perform this [Detailed physical exam] thin depth exam because you will be preoccupied with performing ongoing assessments and providing emergency care. So you will seldom, if ever perform a...
  6. EMT91

    Favorite "Skill" to perform?

    Not sure if this is where this should go, but, of all the "Skills", what one do you most enjoy? For instance: Do you really enjoy starting IV's because of the thrill of getting a first time flash on a tough stick? Or perhaps you like to use the KED...I have no clue why you would enjoy that lol...
  7. EMT91

    Its that Time Again...

    Soon, I will be scheduling my NREMT I85 written exam. I have searched on here and found that the I85 is not discussed so much- its either about basic or paramedic. So, for those of you who remember the CBT of t he NREMT I85, what should I expect? It seems like there is not a ton more we learned...
  8. EMT91

    anatomy and physiology book...the mega thread hopefully

    So I have guyton and halls in pdf but I think I want to buy an actual a and p book...what ones are good? Which ones are bad?
  9. EMT91


    So, being that I just got Certified in Suicide First Aid, I was wondering, what other short (less than a week) certs are there? I took a WMD online course for my basic class, it was free and thought it was neat. Anyone know of other such things? And yes, I know about ACLS, PALS etc.
  10. EMT91

    ASIST Training

    Have any of you heard of or taken Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training, also known as ASIST? I took it on Thursday/Friday. Its awesome and very useful.
  11. EMT91

    Should I85s be allowed to help with pain managment?

    I was recently thinking about how awesome and useful it would be if, as an I85, I could administer something, be it Ibuprofen or some other non-narcotic pain medicine be it via IV or PO. Do you think I85s should be allowed to administer something for pain?
  12. EMT91

    Clinical Preceptors

    In conjunction with the poll, what do you as clinical preceptors allow your students to do? When you get a basic student on your rig, do you let him or her do anything? Do you quiz them and help them or do you feel they are a burden? What about I85 students?
  13. EMT91


    My instructor informed us via email that we need to bring a scantron sheet for our exam on was never mentioned in the Syllabus that we needed to buy now I am stuck; where do I get some by Monday? My school store is closed.
  14. EMT91

    What books

    Ok all, what books are on your shelf/in your chest/in your bag that you love? It could be about emergency medicine or medicine or anything!
  15. EMT91

    Silly things your instructor said

    My Intermediate instructor is rather funny and has some really silly but useful sayings. A few are: Before we give them the sweet, healing hands of love, you have to put on your gloves. Normal Saline= Norma Sal In Ways of saying using the AED: Ride the lighting. What are some...
  16. EMT91

    Intermediate (85) Respiratory Clinical

    So, this Friday I have a clinical rotation at a hospital's respiratory unit. I know I am allowed to use all the basic level airway stuff as well as the Combitube and few meds for breathing (Albuterol, Epi if its allergy related, and Benidryl). I was wondering what things I should ask, what...
  17. EMT91

    IV Lab

    So, today in lab (I am taking the I 85 course), we started the live stab lab...I have never had an IV before...I do not like it lol. I am proud to say however, that I got all my required sticks for the sign off on the first try, no wiggling needed or restarts. I have marks all over my arms and a...
  18. EMT91


    I am not here to start a debate or discussion on whether or not attention deficit disorder is a real /valid thing or just a fancy way to say kids being kids and adults who are ritzy etc. Being that I have ADD, I find ems a great field as it is not a job where there is a lack of stimulation or...
  19. EMT91


    I am thinking of taking a psychology course next semester...if you have taken such a course do you think it has benefited you in the ems field?
  20. EMT91


    The textbook I have has that semi gloss paper so when I underline or make notes in it, it smears. Anyone know of a pen that wont smear?