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  1. Ewok Jerky

    Prison Transport

    OP I don't have an answer to your question. Its actually a very valid question for an EMS forum. Although most of us here probably don't do it own billing. It's also quite useless to reply to a question that since YOU have zero clue what they are talking about then it's not an appropriate...
  2. Ewok Jerky

    Do we have a responsibility to share potential fees with patients?

    It's the patients sole responsibility to be aware of their EOBs and to think about cost of healthcare before needing services. If they aren't aware of the general costs of a trip to ED then shame on them. And honestly if people were aware of the costs your call volume would drop by 2/3rds
  3. Ewok Jerky

    FTO instructed me to “make up” vital signs

    This is not normal. Do your own assessment if you are providing care. Never document anything not factual. If the rest of the system works like this I would find a new gig
  4. Ewok Jerky

    What blood pressure would this pt present with?

    Depends on whether they are compensated or not. My guess would be low or normal.
  5. Ewok Jerky

    Why is hypertension so common?

    Although if it's probably the most prevalent disease in the world, Essential Hypertension is not as well understood as Secondary Hypertension. Risk factors include age, family history, obesity, race, salty diet, no exercise, and alcohol consumption. Hypertension is also a risk factor for...
  6. Ewok Jerky

    Call review

    Viral signs?
  7. Ewok Jerky

    Preventing Fraud-"Medical Necessity"

    Not sure if the transporting EMT has any legal exposure here. As long as your PCR is accurate you are not commuting any fraud. If the person signing the medical necessity form gives false info, they are committing fraud. If your billing Dept is billing for higher acuity, they are committing...
  8. Ewok Jerky

    Physician Assistant ?

    I skipped a few pages and see we are still arguing about PA schools being filled with med school rejects? The program I went to had 1/30 in my class. Late 20s guy who was a paramedic. The admissions team didn't think med school flunkies would make good PAs because they would always be unhappy...
  9. Ewok Jerky

    When does a 5150 hold exactly begin?

    I'm not a lawyer but in my experience with delayed transfers the doc will renew the 5150 paperwork every 48 hours. If that was my patient, and they refused transport I wouldn't go without a new signed order.
  10. Ewok Jerky

    Conflicted on which way to take my career

    PA lurker here: If unsure of your career at a young age your short term goal should be something that will give you the most broad value down the road. And that is a bachelor's literally anything. Include science classes to cover prereqs for PA or nursing school. I would consider...
  11. Ewok Jerky

    How much did you spend on education?

    EMT at local community college in 2009: around $100 Masters Degree in Medical Science (practicing PA) will literally be paying for it until I retire.
  12. Ewok Jerky

    Coumadin toxicity

    I've never heard of an INR anywhere near 100. Highest I have ever seen is 13. Once you are up past 9 or 10 you can really bleed from anywhere including the tongue, Not just your guts.
  13. Ewok Jerky

    Patient Narratives

    SOAP S: what the patient tells you. O: objective findings including what you see and smell, the scene, vitals, physical exam, moniter. A: 1 sentence summary P: your treatment including intervention and transport decision.
  14. Ewok Jerky

    Crosswords for EMTs?

    Prognosis your diagnosis app
  15. Ewok Jerky

    Is Smoking Part of Medical History?

    Ask if you think it's relevant. It's part of the social Hx (which is an aspect of medical Hx) just like martial status, employment, and alcohol.
  16. Ewok Jerky

    Help for someone feeling discouraged

    Try again. Try the next county over.
  17. Ewok Jerky

    Stair chair alternatives

    Call for ALS
  18. Ewok Jerky

    CEVO 3 Ambulance

    In CA and MA ambulance operation is the responsibility of the employer. I believe this means they train you as they see fit, for better or for worse. Refer to your employee handbook.
  19. Ewok Jerky

    Anxiety Attack?

    none of those vitals have me terribly concerned in a 67y/o who is sick enough to need dialysis and live in a care facility. A bit concerning that her mental status deteriorated to A&Ox1...but again, she is sick already. Not enough info here to rule in/out any source of infection, does not sound...
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    Dude that is knarly. Nice splint and dressing job.