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    Grand Inquisition

    This has been fun to read! LOL at the questions about things like the Oreos. LOL.
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    DOH Im a moron

    Oh, nice. What'd he do?
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    DOH Im a moron

    It happens. I've done it. I did it once when a kid jumped off the couch, and landed face first on the hearth, almost completely ripping out a tooth. There was just so much BLOOD. And yes, somebody in the house called 911. He was out for a moment, and then the blood... gah. I'll just plead to...
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    Being an EMT is scary!

    Well, you know, I have to say that having something in theory and then in practice - it's different. It's new. If you've not worked in the medical field before, then this IS a new and scary experience. It can be overwhelming. And you know what? That's okay. It's okay to give yourself time to get...
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    There's a what in your what?

    Speak not of the horrid little beastie called the tick. And great, now I have all sorts of things to be paranoid about next time we go camping! Between my spider bite, our tick experience this year, and now your tick story, I think I'll just swath us all in netting and call it good.
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    There's a what in your what?

    That was a sincerely big bug. Made me want to sleep with earmuffs on lol.
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    Dear me. Glad I hit this section, I've gotten a few much needed laughs out of it!
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    Funny signs

    LOL! that one above really made me laugh.
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    Don't look now, but....

    Happy Birthday, Erin! Hope you had a good day!
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    Fruit of my labor

    Very nice!
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    What is your most ridiculous call?

    LOL I really have to work that into a conversation sometime this week.
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    Delivered my first baby....In the jail

    Oh dear! Yeah, that's some serious 'splainin to do right there!
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    There's a what in your what?

    Was that the one where it was a waitress, and she was going ballistic with the junebug in her ear? (hey, what can I say, I couldn't sleep and that was all that was on!)
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    Exercise Induced Anaphylaxsis

    Interesting! Thanks for posting that.
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    Funny one liners you've said to overheard to a patient

    You can put me down as one well amused insomniac. I thought I was going to wake dh up laughing.
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    Scenario: I need the details!

    I went to school with a girl that did this. I remember everyone thought she faked it - she wasn't though. There was a specific name for the condition. I can't remember what it was though - sorry, I guess that wasn't much help lol.
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    Can you handle criticism?

    I figured that was a given, but perhaps I should have disclaimered that statement. Thank you for pointing that out.
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    head pain on the rocks

    Sheesh, no kidding! I read a news story a few years ago about something similar, and it was from an airplane. Toilet. Gross.
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    Hats off to volunteers

    Please re-read. That 100 hours is for child passenger safety, not for EMS work. The current cirr. to train child passenger safety techs is 32 hours. I've taken every update class when it's available. So yeah, I'm doing the parents a lot of good with the training that I have. Do I want more...