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  1. DMaddrey19

    Employment Question

    What does it mean when they say like for an example Now hiring for full or part time Emts 1000 sign on bonus?
  2. DMaddrey19

    Day In The Life Of A EMT ...

    Hi Everyone , It would be interesting if everyone could post what is it like to be a Emt. It would be like those YouTube videos of day in the life but in a thread forum !
  3. DMaddrey19

    What books should I read before training?

    What would be some great books to read before i start training?
  4. DMaddrey19

    Volunteer process

    Hello Everyone , My name is destiny and i am interested in becoming a Emt-B. I called the fire department in my area and they do volunteer emt and they also put you through training, Once you complete the training and get certified and have experience with volunteering how long after can you...