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  1. Ewok Jerky

    lay rescue

    Just had my 3rd lay rescue. At this rate I'm getting 1 every 2 years. I feel like that's a lot. Is this what happens when you become CPR certified? Anyways, I left my rotation (l&d) way early cause nothing was happening. Driving home I see some cars pulled off the freeway and someone is...
  2. Ewok Jerky

    34 y/o female with chest pain

    OK this one is NOT for all you veterans out there. Its not tricky, and not obscure, but my hope to help some relatively new peeps how to assess a Pt. I want to know what you are thinking and why, what is your differential and how can you narrow it down to a working diagnosis? You work in a...
  3. Ewok Jerky

    pediatric in pain

    arrived to find 6 y/o Haitian boy at home with dad. Hx of sickle cell dz. Today he stayed home from school because of chest pain. He is dressed in pajamas, laying on the couch under a blanket watching cartoons. He is awake and responds apporiatly when prompted, but has a flat affect. He has...
  4. Ewok Jerky

    PA Student Blog

    Shameless plug: written by an EMT on his first day of PA school.
  5. Ewok Jerky

    Just Because

    Showed up for a transport today, Leg and Hip Pain. Firemedic on scene hands over care and after we load on the gurney firemedic says to me "lets het her on a cannula just 'cause, you know..." i was like "huh?" I didn't want make a scene, we had already had to diffuse a situation that the...
  6. Ewok Jerky

    P school in MA

    Anyone gone through Emergency Medical Training Service ( either for Basic or Medic? Im trying to decide between medic school in CA then move to MA or move first then do school. Any info will be appreciated, feel free to PM. Thanks
  7. Ewok Jerky

    warm IV

    I have seen crews keep an IV bag on the dash to keep it warm, and I am wondering if that is clinically necessary. at what temp do you worry about it? can I just keep the cabin heat on instead?
  8. Ewok Jerky

    Football Helmets

    scenerio- football player down on the field after a hard hit. complains of neck pain 4/10. CSM intact X4, 124/80, 76, 20. denies any other pain or injury. you hold manual c-spine while facemask is removed, but a collar cannot be placed because of shoulder pads. what do you do? remove helmet...
  9. Ewok Jerky

    smelly patients

    I know some people rub something under their nose when dealing with foul odors, what do you use? thanks
  10. Ewok Jerky

    off-duty ethics

    at my full time job I am not an EMT, I am just a regular employee like eveyone else. my coworkers all know I am certified though. What would I do if something happened and someone said "beano is an EMT he can help!" does that create a duty to act? what would you do Ina situation like this? I...
  11. Ewok Jerky

    seatbelt violation

    just got my DMV history and it's clean except for a seatbelt violation. any ideas if this will be looked upon negatively by potential employers?
  12. Ewok Jerky

    extra certs for new emt-b

    I am interested in becoming more employable as an emt-b and i want to stand out. so i was thinking of extra certs and i am having trouble finding access in my particular area without just going to paramedic school. has some instructor-led AHA PALS and ACLS courses, as...
  13. Ewok Jerky

    AMR pre-employment test

    I'm scheduleds for a pre-employment test with AMR and I was wondering who has been through before? I've checked the archives and was surprised to find no previous discussion. Also in my region the AMR phone number is all automated. Anyone know how this test compares to NREMT? 80% to pass...