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    Anyone heard of the drug "spices"

    Just fyi, there are tests that can register spice or k2 now. I work part time at a clinic that does testing and we have had them for about 4 months now.
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    Stethoscope - The Mega Thread

    I use an ADC Adscope and I love it. I think I got it for $30 from a washed out emt student still in the box. I haven't had any issues using it. I used to have an old rappaport style, and I couldn't stand that one. The Adscope is good enough for me, and not expensive enough that I couldn't...
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    Youtube video- Detroit EMS: No Unit Available

    I came across this video a little while ago and was wondering if anyone knows if this is an accurate portrayal of EMS in Detroit, and if so has anything changed over the last couple years? I know in my area if I talked like that on the news I would be fired and shunned from the EMS...
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    Backboard straps?

    Spider straps here
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    Is it safe to apply to AMR online?

    Also when you are applying for a job online check out the url for the application page. If it says https it is supposed to be a secure page, as opposed to just http
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    Dumbest thing heard on the radio

    I had just gotten into the van for an IFT shift and didn't catch the whole conversation but as soon as my radio kicked on this is what I heard: Dispatch: Unit 1, I didn't hear you, did you say you were transporting? Unit 1: Negative, I said the patient does not exist. Dispatch: (keys radio...
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    Favorite Boots?

    Soooooo... had my first day today and when ordering my uniform they told me that they include new boots for all employees! So thank you to everyone for the input, and if I need to get boots in the future I will definitely revisit this thread but luckily I won't have to be buying my own anytime...
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    Favorite Boots?

    Ha, uggs. I think I'm going to look like enough of a rookie without the added help of walking in with ugg boots on haha
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    [Closed] De-stressing Contest. Win a paracord bracelet!

    After a stressful day of work, I start to unwind as soon as I get in the car. Usually tune in to NPR and listen to the news, or if I'm lucky Car Talk is on. Nothing better than hearing about other people's misfortune with their cars! If nothing good is on NPR I will put on some music at a level...
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    Didn't those business cards almost get you arrested?

    Didn't those business cards almost get you arrested?
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    Colorado Springs EMS

    I've done a couple ride-alongs with CSFD, and they do almost always arrive on scene before AMR, so obviously they initiate treatment. Once AMR arrives on scene they seem to do a good job of working together to provide pt care. Usually the FD get the sample history and maybe get o2 going before...
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    Attention Everyone~ Paracord Bracelets!

    How much are the dog leashes, and how long are they? How does payment work?
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    EMS Staging

    On my prehospital ridealong (Colorado Springs) for my basic class we were dispatched to a domestic dispute and staged outside of the apartment complex. Sat there for an hour before getting cancelled. Good times were had by no one.
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    Does the NREMT make you more employable?

    I didn't realize that many states required the NREMT. kind of makes this thread irrelevant... oops!
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    cant pass the nremt-b

    No, it is like $25 but money well spent in my opinion. Here is the link
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    Does the NREMT make you more employable?

    In Colorado you must get NREMT certified before you can get state certs, but I was wondering if you live in a state that does not require NREMT and you get it anyways, does that make you more employable? Also wondering if you have NREMT is it easier to switch states?
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    cant pass the nremt-b

    HAHA, that is great. I have always heard there are 4 correct answers and you have to choose the "most" correct of the four options. But seriously, it is definitely closer to how you described it!
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    cant pass the nremt-b

    knightlite software makes a fantastic study program to help prepare for the NREMT. It has over 2000 questions based off of the Brady 12th edition, and several practice exams. It allows you to save the questions you got wrong and can direct you to the exact page in the text that has the info...
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    Favorite Boots?

    Both are reasonable and logical answers that I probably should have come up with on my own;)
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    Favorite Boots?

    This is going to make me sound like a complete newb but how does having a side zip make it more comfortable? I have been looking at the 5.11 ATAC side zip boots. They seem really nice and don't cost an arm and a leg!