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    hey this is will i was talking about you earlier and we havent talked in almost 2 years we need...

    hey this is will i was talking about you earlier and we havent talked in almost 2 years we need to catch back up send me a PM and we'll exchange emails again i miss our long conversations we use to have
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    moving to IL

    thanks for the help sounds like im gonna be better off applying in mo. for a job since i already have my MO EMT license. and once i get over there i can start working on getting accepted into the IL system. the IL system sounds a lot like how Ca. use to be with each Co. being an individual...
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    Question Me ?!?!?!

    my favorite type of call is when you get an AMA...... lol you get to go fast and go woowooo. and dont have to do anything lol...... i do like doing what i do on a serious note!!!!
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    moving to IL

    yea trust me im gonna stay on top of them i got 6 months but even thats still a really tight schedule considering i have to get a job get a place get the money to move get the money for a moving truck arrange for all that arrange for moving help on both ends of the move. and i want to start...
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    Anyone buy anything from Craigslist?

    if your going to buy something like an xbox on the inet i highly recommend using if the sellers screws you over ebay usually backs you up and use paypal because you can file a claim and get your money back and you get your money back. i was buying an ATV part and the guy was a fake and...
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    moving to IL

    thanks for those links but when i got to looking through those they're not what im really looking for im needing something that describes what all an EMT-b can do like here in AR we cant intubate but in MO we can place the combe-tube and theres a couple other things that the basic can do...
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    moving to IL

    thats cool what service do you work for? and thank you for the link
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    moving to IL

    no im already an EMT-Basic and i have 1 year of service. google maps has showed me quite a few services so i shouldnt have any problems finding a job. my only fear is that everything is going according to plan and like everything else in life something goes wrong on some point and i just hope...
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    moving to IL

    hey guys im moving to IL in Aug. to Macomb IL and im wondering about the IL EMT-b scope of practice and what the IL ems system is like. ive been to their website and cant seem to have any luck finding the SOP and a couple of the other PDF files are corrupt i had to have them mail me a hard copy...
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    Faces behind the post

    ive lost a few lbs since that pic and grown out my hair and a goatee. let me know what you guys think.... (sasha oh btw your a little hottie lol)
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    Ambulance Accidents 2009

    well i almost wrecked my ambulance a couple weeks ago in a the bad ice storm that hit our area. it was pretty scary, we were leaving our station on a call, heading up the hill by our station got half way up the hill and started sliding backwards. i had the choice of putting it in the ditch or...
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    What is your most ridiculous call?

    I would have to say that this was my most "ridiculous" call; toned out for unknown medical around 1am. mark in route Code 3 since "unknown" dispatch radio's, that caller requests not to run "lights and sirens" because kids are sleeping and doesnt want them woken up. so we down grade per...
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    How long did it take you to find a job?

    the day i got my EMT-b state card in hand in the mail, i went and applied and was hired that same day. so it didnt take long for me to find a job. i was also driving 3 hrs one way with that job i stayed there for 3 months resigned due to travel distance and also had to have surgery. after i...
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    grants for EMS

    hey guys. I've been looking around using google and so far havent come up with anything. im wondering if you guys know of any websites or organizations that offer grants for EMS services and ones that are hospital based. we are a hospital based service with only 3 units 2 of which are in teh...
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    Acadian Ambulance Service testing fuel-efficient vehicles

    my service uses them as our full time ambulance. the money that you will save in fuel costs you spend on maintenance each year. especially once they get past 100k miles. the last service that i worked for happened to use them also the run like 12 of them or soemthing like that. when i was there...
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    New strip

    from what ive seen in the rhythm, I'm gonna call it a ST w/ 2nd degree av block type 1. Because what I'm seeing is that the PR interval seems to be getting wider and you loose drop a P wave (well at least you cant see it probably still there just hidden). i might be wrong though, can you be...
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    blackberry curve 8310

    Hey guys how's it been going its been a little while since I posted I've been busy either working or moving Anyways I just got me a new toy a blackberry so ill be talking more on here hopefully I'm sending this message from my bb I've been looking on the inet and there's a lot of features for...
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    what is your trigger for runs

    thats ok ive been working for almost 3 months with my service. i havent seen a drop of blood not even a broken bone. had a couple car wrecks atv wrecks but no good trauma's. it seems when ever i come on duty the crew before me is the one that has the code or the trauma or that "cool" call...
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    prom and EMS

    i think it does affect the kids i really do. if it didnt affect the kids i dont think i would be interested in doing it because then it would just be a waste of time. you know what i mean. because that takes our time and our resources the medical supplies that we use the danger of us running...
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    first code

    so i havent had a call were a pt has coded. i dont know if im looking forward to it or not. i mean i want it to come so i can say ive worked a code and have the experience. then the other part of me doesnt want it to come because i know im gonna freeze/freak lol as my one friend says "it happens...