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  1. enjoynz

    EMTLife Lifetime friend

    Hi all..I just wanted to give a quick shoutout to Matt and the original mods of Emtlife for creating this website...Because of this channel I have made lifetime friends...One is a flight medic from ND whom I and my husband are going to visit, stay with and also tour Alberta Canada in a months...
  2. enjoynz

    The MCI short story I wrote' Keep Your Head' Free YT video

    Hi All ...As promised awhile ago, here it the MCI short story I wrote at the end of last year...I have read it out on my YouTube channel (wear headphones)..I hope you like it...Please bear in mind, some of the ambulance terms will be different, because it is set in New Zealand. I'd love to know...
  3. enjoynz

    Just wanted to share!

    Some of you know me...but most of you probably don't...however, I just wanted to share something with you all. I've just finished writing a short story for a writer's competition here in New Zealand...but the subject I decided to write about is a bit of a taboo EMS subject...PTSD. I set the...
  4. enjoynz

    Paramedic in stable condition after fatal ambulance crash

    A sadly event for the New Zealand ambulance service...These incidents don't happen very often in New Zealand...but when they do...everyone in the service feels for the crews involved... Link attached...
  5. enjoynz

    Free EMS theme short story I wrote.

    Hi Emtlife Members I was told I have to put this thread in advertising, not that I am trying to advertise. It is more of a give back to you guys. Some of you have known me for awhile...but I guess a percentage of the new members won't have heard of me, unless you have read some of the older...
  6. enjoynz

    Man dies after jumping out of ambulance

    This region of the New Zealand ambulance service is having a bad run of late! News Article as attached. Here is another news link of the incident
  7. enjoynz

    Ambo officer accused of sexual assault found guilty on all charges

    This is not something one feels happy about posting...but I think it needs to be shared! See attached link!
  8. enjoynz

    Any Emtlife oldies, like me, still around?

    Hi all! It has been a while since I posted...but apart from the Mods, is there any of you still hanging around from years ago? All the usernames I see are newbies!(Welcome to EMTlife) I hope you are enjoying the ride! As an ex-EMS vollie, I've been spending most of my time writing novels...I'm...
  9. enjoynz

    Three deaths as ambulance defibrillators fail

    I thought I'd post this as some of you might find it of interest. Article as attached: What checks and how often does your station change the batteries in your Defibs?
  10. enjoynz

    Paramedic's risky,life-saving decision

    I haven't posted anything for a while however, I thought this article may be of interest to you all....Cheers Joy Article as attached.... P.S. Hopefully you can read the attachment!
  11. enjoynz

    Ambulance officers injured in Te Rapa crash

    News link and photo as attached:
  12. enjoynz

    This may put a smile on your dial!

    I couldn't help wanting to post this news article...although it was not a very nice situation for the patient, it is not something in the normal EMT's daily run or Dispatcher's calls. Story as attached:
  13. enjoynz

    Pressure on ambulances

    The issue of one man crewing and not enough breaks, still a big problem in New Zealand... Article as attached.......
  14. enjoynz

    Cat rescued by firefighters

    Thought you might like this one! Hopefully the photo downloads ok.
  15. enjoynz

    Safety First????

    As I read down the page of this news article, it looks as if safety had not been adhered to as well as it could have been. I'm not sure why an FF and 3 Ambulance staff also had to be treated at this gas leak incident? Your thoughts...
  16. enjoynz

    Ambulance sent 700km off course

    Guess this happens sometimes....just lucky it didn't have a fatal result!!! Story as attached:
  17. enjoynz

    Tragic end to Kiwi soldiers' mercy mission

    I just wanted to post this news article as a sign of respect for the first female/medic from New Zealand to be killed in Afghanistan, along with two other NZ soldiers. 'Lest we forget!' Enjoynz
  18. enjoynz

    Inquest hears paramedics could have saved life

    It is not normal practice to have Advanced Paramedics at sporting events in New Zealand. They are a bit thin on the ground to sit at such occasions, on the off chance that something serious will happen. I also couldn't see such event management wanting to pay an advanced paramedic's wages...
  19. enjoynz

    My Book 'The Boy in my Garden'

    Hi All After a few years, I've finally got the book I was writing published. There are a number of you that know about it, so I thought I'd let you know it is now for sale, if you are interested in reading it. It has nothing to do with EMS, although it has a few medical scenario's (so to...
  20. enjoynz

    Paramedic's view..NZ Quake..1 year on!

    I hope you are able to open this article link, as it is from one of our TV stations and there has been issues when I've posted links off shore before. I just thought some of you maybe interested in this Paramedic's story, about the large quake that hit Christchurch NZ, this time last