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  1. Luno

    Medic One (King Co, WA)

    King County Medic One Paramedic Intern No Contact Info for KCMO posted (see below for application process) To be eligible for this testing cycle, you must complete the written exams with Public Safety Testing by March 31...
  2. Luno

    Ski Patrol/Winter SAR

    Alright, who's getting pumped up for snow, and doing their refresher/recertification training... Does anyone have snow yet? :D
  3. Luno

    Theoretical/Practical Pain Management Question

    Ok, let's just say that you have a unaccompanied minor in non-life threatening severe pain, and an inability to contact any parent/guardian. Transport to definitive care is in excess of 30 minutes, and you don't have an ambulance at hand, but you can request one within 10 minutes. Now because...
  4. Luno

    King County, they can't be that good, can they?

    They must of doctored their numbers, not sure how they did it this time.... ;) COVINGTON, Wash -- A Covington teenager suffered a heart attack in the woods last Monday. His friends, using CPR and some quick thinking, saved his life. Brandon Hooper collapsed near Greenwater on Monday, and...
  5. Luno

    Okay, I'm stumped...

    Has anyone had any experience with a short acting (<2hrs) psychosis inducing street drug, that does not present with observerable halucinations, and the patient can experience pain, but does not pain from taser application? Patient goes from non-aggressive/delusional to...
  6. Luno


    Hey, wondering if any of you have any links to podcasts covering TBI, especially antero/retrograde amnesia, after/during evaluation of suspected concussion. I've seen quite a few of these, so many that we call it the control-alt-delete syndrome... I'm interested in more specifically the...
  7. Luno

    CISD Training

    Okay, so I've found myself in the interesting position of creating a module and training for CISD, now I don't think that corporate or the insurance company would subscribe to my "bottle of Jack" decompression theory, I'm interested in what worked for other departments and organizations. Go...
  8. Luno

    Hurricane Ike

    So, who was/is down in Texas for this or is here for the recovery effort?
  9. Luno

    Ski Patrol

    Okay, who works ski patrol, and where do you work? What's your level of training, and status?
  10. Luno

    Exercise... for fun?!?

    Okay, as we can see, this forum "Health and Fitness" is always a popular posting site for the Medics and EMTs.... :P So long story short, this year I decided that I was spending too much time in the weight room, not enough time doing cardio (f'n hate cardio...). That being said, I took the...
  11. Luno

    And people say there's no money to be made in EMS

    EMS, well, I guess it's one way to transport....
  12. Luno

    Just a moment

    Wow, how quickly I forget the emo crap that happened when I used to push a rig.... So, there I was, 0530 on my way to work (working in SEA now, just incase you were wondering), complaining about life, feeling glad it was Friday, just having dropped the kids off a the ex-wife's house, just got...
  13. Luno

    I can't believe I got a whacker tattoo

    Here's what it looks like And here's what it looks like on my right calf
  14. Luno

    Watch that First Step, It's a Doozy

    Wow, I'm finally free, actually I have stepped off the rigs with over 1500 patient contacts in 15 months. I think burnout is an understatement. While patient care never suffered, I can't say that I was the most patient partner, combined with my perfectionist attitude, I think I was a less than...
  15. Luno

    Last night

    I just have to share this with everyone, I've had my fair share of trauma, MVCs, stabbings, GSWs, etc... But last night, toned out at 0'dark thirty, from a dead sleep, we were running to the rig, to go look for our patient. Actually our patient hadn't been found yet, but the report was a male...
  16. Luno

    Tips, Tricks, etc....

    I would like to start this just to see the little tips/tricks, etc... that people have accumulated that may help us recognize symptoms/signs a little more quickly, and allow us to look beyond to what may happen in the immediate future to better construct a plan of care for our patient. Here's a...