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    ems sticker in your car window?

    Closed for 7 year bump.
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    Movie Marathon Thread

    Unfortunately, I don't have that one ripped yet.
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    Medication Error Learning She received probation.
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    Movie Marathon Thread

    RIP Fred Ward. Today's marathon will be the entire Tremors franchise.
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    COVID VACCINE - The Megathread

    The one year limit starts from the date of the vaccine administration. Since the vaccine manufacturers are immune from lawsuit over the vaccines, that means the CICP and its one year limit is the only means of redress for affected individuals.
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    Crewmember in Distress

    Do you realistically think if they were being "held hostsge" they'd be allowed to communicate at all?
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    COVID VACCINE - The Megathread Maybe because of the one year limitation on filing a claim for injuries due to the vaccine? The same vaccine that went through abbreviated clinical trials and emergency use authorization and was then mandated (briefly). The same vaccine that had its side...
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    COVID VACCINE - The Megathread Turns out there may have been cause for worry
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    Lake District paramedic 'honoured' to test jet suit

    Yep. I highly doubt they're going to be able to lift the medic and all the necessary equipment to the patient. Not to mention in the time it takes the equipment to be transported to the scene from the station, the rescue helo could have the patient evacuated.
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    COVID VACCINE - The Megathread Looks like covud boosters are now going to become an annual thing.
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    US Navy is about to get a new Hospital Ship

    Sounds familiar...think I heard the same speech advocating for the LCS.
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    US Navy is about to get a new Hospital Ship

    Nothing like reducing your capabilities and capacities and calling it an improvement.
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    Has anyone ever passed the NREMT-P exam with 150 questions?

    Closing this before it gets out of hand.
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    Is there a place someone can train a new EMT to drive a ambulance outside of a company?

    You'll also develop a greater appreciation for not doing stupid things around bigger trucks (like cutting them off or passing on the right)
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    Movie Marathon Thread

    Seems like a good night to watch Twister.
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    Are you liberal or conservative?

    All I'm going to say about this is something my grandfather taught me. "It's good to be open minded about every issue, but not so open minded your brains fall out."
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    Rialto Medics refuse to enter SNF, Claiming Unspecified COVID law.

    That's the thing about qualified doesn't get decided on the internet. It gets decided in a court room.
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    Paramedic nremt review

    Closed as dupe of
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    New type of scenerio

    Here's where my concern lies: you have given the impression that you're too eager to jump to the advance treatments and skills while skipping over the basic, primary and less invasive treatments (ie considering giving a patient albuterol to improve their sats without putting them on O2 first)...