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  1. FF-EMT Diver

    Gold passport to EMSTODAY

    As stated above. I purchased a good passport and am not going to be able to attend. I would like to sell. I am asking $375. Thank you.
  2. FF-EMT Diver

    Supplies for EMT class

    Hello all, I have just assumed the lead instructor position for an overlooked and very understocked EMT program (I teach Basic and Advanced) I have just been given a pretty decent budget to add to the stuff that I have, I of course have a list and it's pretty long but I still have not reached...
  3. FF-EMT Diver

    EMS Confetti??

    Anybody know where I could find some ems related confetti? I could swear I have seen it before like little ambos/star of life's.....
  4. FF-EMT Diver


    How many mods does this site have? What are the rules for keeping this place clean? And by that I mean how long do ya'll allow problem people to continue to be a problem? Is it monitored by how many times a post is reported? or do ya'll actually patrol this board and keep a non-partial...
  5. FF-EMT Diver

    Fire/Rescue kitchen Accessories

    Hey all. My wife and I are about a month away from having our new home completed and my wife has mentioned getting the kitchen done in Fire stuff, I have googled but not gotten much. She wants plates/cups/cookie jars...ETC..... does anyone know where might have what I am looking for???
  6. FF-EMT Diver

    Vacation Destinations

    Ok so I was going thru my vacation pix and posted some up and I got to thinking I wonder where everyone likes to go. So everyone post your favorite places to go and even a favorite pix if you want. Mine are Chattanooga/Pigeon Forge/ Gatlinburg TN. area. Niagra Falls and the diving in...
  7. FF-EMT Diver

    Allheart cardiology

    Does anyone have the allheart cardiology scope? I am looking at this specific scope and was wondering about it.
  8. FF-EMT Diver

    FF finds wife DOA on emergency call

    A volunteer FF finds his wife the victim of a hit-and -run call,
  9. FF-EMT Diver

    Anyone dive?

    Hello all, does anyone on here dive I know it,s not a diving forum but i'm just wondering does any other Ems dive for pleasure or as rescue?