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  1. WTEngel

    Bahrain Air Ambulance

    Anybody heard of the new air ambulance service launching in Bahrain? I haven't found anything about it on the internet other than they intend to start it...
  2. WTEngel

    Military CCFPP

    Anyone here familiar with the military's (Army I think) Critical Care Flight Paramedic Program? I saw an interesting ad posted by USAJobs seeking an instructor for the program. The actual employer is the DoD. Just checking to see if anyone here was in the know.
  3. WTEngel

    Induced Heart Attack in Pig Video

    Hey guys...a while back, maybe 5 or 6 years ago, I saw a video during a class that showed a beating pig heart in which they induced ischemia and eventually infarct in the pig by throwing a loop of suture around various coronary vessels. Is anyone familiar with this video? If so, any ideas...
  4. WTEngel

    Neonatal Scenario

    Is anybody interested at all in a new born (think neonatal) case scenario? I can put a pretty decent one together to make you think, if you would like. If you liked the croup scenario, this one may very well melt your face off. TE
  5. WTEngel

    Pediatric Scenario

    USAL asked me to come up with a good general peds scenario for you guys. So here it is... 18 month old, CC of fever and respiratory distress x 12 hours. Call is at 0200 on a night in November. On arrival you find a 18 month old, average weight, male patient with HR 165, respirations of...
  6. WTEngel

    Official SRCA Employee Spouse Thread

    I wanted to start this thread for the spouses of current and perspective SRCA employees. I think a lot of the questions being asked by the spouses might be better answered by other spouses, and it is nice to have an area for them to chime in with opinions and suggestions. So, I encourage...
  7. WTEngel

    New Air Ambulances for the Saudi Red Crescent

    A contact of mine sent me these photos from the Saudi Red Crescent Authority. They are just two of the new fleet that SRCA is ordering. I am set to deploy in a few weeks, and these will be my new office!
  8. WTEngel

    Texas EMS Conference

    Anybody attending the EMS conference in Fort Worth this upcoming week? Just wondering...
  9. WTEngel

    Saudi Red Crescent Authority

    Has anybody here worked with the SRCA? I have seen their job postings, and it is my understanding that they are starting the first state run Helicopter EMS system in the next month (December 2009.) I have heard they are flying MD 209s, but that is about all the information I know. I was...