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  1. paccookie

    16 y/o mvc

    Your pt is a 16 y/o female who was ejected from a dune buggy. The dune buggy also landed on her, although you cannot tell exactly how. No seat belts were worn. Unknown speed. Vehicle went off the pavement and rolled into a ditch. Your pt was initially found prone in the ditch and rolled over by...
  2. paccookie

    Third Degree AV Block

    Your patient is a 48 year old male who presented to his primary care physician this morning with weakness. He has a history of hypertension, high cholesterol and stents x 6. He is currently taking Zocor, Lisinopril and Plavix. No drug allergies. The physician did a 12 lead which shows a...
  3. paccookie

    TV fell on 7 month old's head

    This was the start of my day today, my first day working as a medic with an EMT (rather than another medic...just "released" from the FTO). We had a quiet morning up until a little after 11. Then this call came in as an "unknown problem" call with a woman screaming that something was wrong...
  4. paccookie

    just got a job at Grady in Atlanta

    I did the tests on July 20th and I'm supposed to start on August 17th...I'm excited!! I'm going to work part time at Grady and remain at my full time EMS job for now, until we can afford to move to Atlanta. Or I might do Grady full time after the beginning of the year and work part time at my...
  5. paccookie

    "I feel faint and crampy in my arms and legs"

    You are a medic on a medic/medic truck. You are called non-emergency to a reported fall from a standing position at home. Pt reported to be C/A/O. Arrive on scene and find the pt's wife at the door saying, "I think his sugar dropped." Pt is sitting on the couch, looking fatigued. History of...
  6. paccookie

    Passed my paramedic exam!!!

    Tested yesterday and got my results this morning. The test shut off at 80 questions. I passed practicals on Monday and graduated (summa cum laude - hell yeah! lol) on May 7th. Tomorrow I will drop my application for a state license in the mail. I can't tell you how difficult this past year...
  7. paccookie

    nasal oxygen catheter

    Anyone have access to these? I'm referring to the type that goes in one nare only. If I can find one, my instructor is offering 5 extra points on my final respiratory grade. If you can help, PM me! I'm willing to pay for shipping! Thanks! Christina
  8. paccookie

    medic school ate my life LOL

    Hi! I don't think I've been on here since before I started summer semester, which just ended. LOL I thought it was a joke that paramedic school would consume your life, but now I see that it was definitely NOT a joke. And fall is going to be even worse. It's been a tough summer, but it was...
  9. paccookie

    Unresponsive 32 year old female

    You are an ALS unit consisting of a new paramedic and an EMT-I. You are called to an unresponsive 32 year old female. Upon arrival to the scene, you find the patient lying prone on the floor, naked with a sheet covering her body up to her shoulders. Patient has small cuts on her hands and...
  10. paccookie

    Best way to prepare for ACLS/PALS?

    I will be taking ACLS in March and PALS in May. What's the best way to prepare? I will have (free) access to the study guide before the class, but I'm not sure when that will be provided. It's a 2 day class through the hospital (where I work), which means it's free for me to take and I get...
  11. paccookie

    What's your favorite type of call?

    Just out of curiosity...what's your favorite type of call? I tend to prefer orthopedic-type trauma - anything involving broken bones makes me happy. LOL A friend from EMT school was always grossed out by the sound of crepitus...but not me. I love a good ortho trauma. Maybe it's because I...