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  1. phabib

    Post the best EMS youtube videos

    Here's a few I like to get things started: Thrice - The Artist In The Ambulance Bodies R' Hauled Off
  2. phabib

    Option to minimize EMTLIFE banner

    Is there a way a registered user could minimize the banner at the top of the page? It's just a slight annoyance but for lower resolution screens having to scroll down extra to get to the threads can get a bit tedious. If there was a way to minimize the section with sticky threads it would make...
  3. phabib

    International volunteering for EMS

    From what I've researched EMS isn't in very high demand for international volunteer positions. MSF (Doctors without Borders) for example does not ask for EMTs or Paramedics. Withing the nursing section emergency experience is one of the desired traits but is not a hard requirement. There is an...
  4. phabib

    Canadian Paramedic Training?

    I just finished up EMT-B in Colorado and I'm seriously considering going to Canada for Paramedic school. For one the training is aimed at creating medical professionals who can work well independently and have the knowledge to really think on their feet. I see some schools like that here but the...
  5. phabib

    Ics 100 + 200

    I just got my B cert and I was looking at job applications in Denver and saw a few companies required these two courses to apply. They are free on the FEMA site. You complete all the lessons and I assume you get credit for it. Still completing the first one so I don't know exactly how you prove...
  6. phabib

    I have my EMT-B test today!

    I'm wicked excited! I feel prepared and I'm going to get a good meal now. Hopefully everything will go well.
  7. phabib

    hello! Tips for getting started in EMS?

    Hey everyone, this is my my first post. I recently finished my EMT-B class and I'll be taking my NREMT exam on the 10th. I was wondering what I could do now to maximize my chances of landing that dream job. This is everything I've completed so far: EMT-B (class, clinicals, practical...