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  1. Medic Tim

    Tapatalk issue

    The past few days I have been having some issues when changing pages within a thread. It will jump to another thread. This is the latest example. I am reading the firefighter beating their pt up thread.... Next page has the same thread title but the posts are from a percon thread from a while...
  2. Medic Tim

    LODD in New Brunswick, Canada

    It is with great sadness and regret that I inform you of the on-duty death of an Ambulance New Brunswick paramedic. The paramedic passed away early Saturday morning when Atlantic Charters - the contracted air provider for Grand Manan Island air ambulance service crashed in a wooded area near the...
  3. Medic Tim

    Best radio strap

    I feel kind of wackerish asking this but here goes ... I am in the market for a new radio strap. I have been looking at Boston leather and a few others. What would you recommend? My current no name nylon one is on its last legs .
  4. Medic Tim

    How much does it cost to recert or re license where you work?

    Where I am up north, I pay 425 a year and in another I pay 395 a year. I am licensed in Maine as I don't believe it costs anything to re license there and it is good for 3 year. What does t cost where you are?
  5. Medic Tim

    ORNGE helicopter crashes in Northern Ontario The crew of 2 pilots and 2 paramedics are still unaccounted for. My thoughts and prayers are with them and their families. Edit The military's search and rescue have confirmed all 4 crew members are deceased.
  6. Medic Tim

    New NREMT Skill Sheet - Coffee Making

    sorry for the crappy was the best one I could find. It still made me LOL
  7. Medic Tim

    Ultimate Tazer Ball

    2 words Job Security E38G31wo7qc
  8. Medic Tim

    Self regulation

    Up north in New Brunswick we own our license and scope of practice. We are considered medics 24/7. We do not work under a MD. To license it is 550 a year which includes dues to our college of paramedics (paramedic association) and liability/malpractice insurance. When working for a company that...