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    I need some studies

    Thank all of you for your replies to this subject matter I was attempting to obtain research that I already have not found using google search you know research that some members here may have that kind of stuff. The sarcasm and feeling of lack of knowledge or education from asking a simple...
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    I need some studies

    Long story short me and my operations supervisor got into a knock down drag out on some things most importantly strokes, stemi's, and the running of emergency traffic to the hospital. So here is what i need from my friends here at EMTLIFE. I have researched all three topics and can not...
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    Laryngoscope handles...curved of straight.

    We use them in my service but truthfully unless you start on them you probably wont like them. Ive intubated once with them and hate them with a passion they don't allow my hand positioned the way that I learned to intubate .
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    Signal Mini-Phantom Blue/Blue

    Are the LED's blue or the lenses? We cant have blue lights in nc wondering if I could switch it out.
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    Counties/States with the least progressive Cardiac protocols

    In the county I work for we are pretty aggressive with all protocols. Good thing is we about 20 minutes either way from a level one trauma center and cath labs.
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    Mental health, jaded or paranoid?

    I agree 100%...Ive seen patients who would be better off gone and then I've seen some that we should have saved and we couldnt...those are the worst but its just part of the job.
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    Stethoscope - The Mega Thread

    Thinklabs scope ive ever owned and ive owned a littman 3100
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    Weird thing to posting at 2:20am but I need a suggestion on a good cooler to carry back and forth to work. I'm attempting to eat a little healthier and cheaper by bringing food and drink for my 24 hour shifts. Only requirement is that I can buy it from amazon ( ordering alot from their come...
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    Scene times

    For critical patients its around 10 to 15 minutes in our system for non critical time ranges from 15 to 30. If we have a long ride to the hospital our scene times are shortened due to the fact we can do so much more in the truck than in the house.
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    Thank you all I will talk to my medical director on this and see what he says
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    moving from FL to NC, job situation?

    depends on where your moving
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    Thats the main thing I was looking at. Suggestion is five minutes for 25 mg of promethazine in our system so hanging a drip would be way easier. Just wanted some opinions on it to do it or not
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    Yeah we carry 100ml bags for epi drips and also cardiozem mixing. I'm used to pushing it in the ER where they just dilute it in 10ml of NS but I have heard some on the back of the truck hang it in 100 of NS
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    I've read around that some people actually hang this by mixing their dose in a 100cc bag of NS when using a peripheral IV site...anyone else do this? Our protocols state that we can give 12.5 to 25mg without medical control but it must be diluted and slow IVP. Whats your protocols on this and...
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    Blood Pressure on the Road

    put your foot in the bottom of the stretcher and the patients arm on your leg then take the bp. If nothing take a palpation
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    Thought this was cool

    EMS week was good for me. I got a raise and got hired full time and free pizza...I call that a good week.
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    PCR In Quarters Time???

    Every agency is different in what they want.n I work for two of them. One requires a chart that would hold up in court and actually make you look like you know what your doing. The other one requires the bare minimum to get by.
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    The Official EMTLIFE Introduction Thread

    I need to move over their. We just do fire and first responders on my fire department.
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    EMT starting clinicals - what to expect?

    You can buy scopes from 20 to 400.. I suggest getting the scope you like in some off color and having your name engraved all over it. And never leave it in a truck