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    Midline femur fracture not a fracture, even with traction relief?

    I had this recently, so trying to understand, how is it possible for a trauma pt, with 8/10 midline femur pain, some swelling, no contusions, no deformities have pain relief on ktd traction down to 2/10, have an xray and find no fracture/break of any kind on the femur. As far as I and several...
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    Keeping a jump bag in your car?

    moat's work wonders...
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    What to carry medical wise in a SAR

    Thanks for all the responses, yeah better shape starts about this time of the year, I do professional airsoft usually on the weekends and my rig altogether is about 20lbs, and after the first few weekends I'm used to it, but there's also a lot more breaks where as SAR is not so much. Going...
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    What to carry medical wise in a SAR

    I volunteer for a search and rescue team nearby, and we we're involved in the big illinois state search this last weekend(can't really say anymore then that about the search itself). But on this search I did about 10 miles of walking through brush/bryers/dense stuff with the occasional 50...
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    Disaster Aid planning?

    I'm a an EMS newbie, but prior to joining the ranks here I'm a volunteer for my counties EMA, as an EOC worker, emergency communications and several other roles. For the most part, disaster's have binders on the shelf, each one has a plan for who will do what and when. As someone else has...
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    Disaster Aid planning?

    The same role they play now, they are reactive to the event, as any other trauma event.
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    Lookin for EMS staff in E. Central Illionois

    I'm interested.
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    EMT-B volunteer/work in ER?

    ah thank you
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    EMT-B volunteer/work in ER?

    Only if the medical director has a written directive approved by the state you are in that gives you permission to do it. You would have to be careful about having people let you "do things" and then something happening, because of a family or whatever decided to sue and you were found doing...
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    EMT-B volunteer/work in ER?

    From my understanding of the ems in east central illinois, it could be quite different other places, the all-around answer is no. The only EMT-B's that work in the er's here can only work if they also have extra training in EKG's, and their role for the most part in said ER is to just run...
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    Stryker Powerload

    The ALS service I clinical'ed at used these cot's and they worked great, they aren't as heavy as they look but probably heavier then normal cot's. The only thing with them is they eat through batteries kinda fast. For stairs and things though the EMS has the chair lifts they use instead of using...
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    EMT-B Ride alongs not going well

    I had a similar problem with the first 2x12 hr shifts I did I had maybe 2 contacts, I did about 3 more shifts and I got the variety, first 12hr of those 3 I had all transports, 2nd shift was all diabetic emergencies, 3rd was all psych pt's. Maybe 14 contacts total between the 3, just gotta watch...
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    EMT pay - Orlando

    sasha's not kidding either, go up a rank or two you get some nice pay from mcdonalds
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    Am I just being a n00b? Checking jump bag before shift

    Absolutely not. Granted I'm still looking for my first job but I've been on a ride-along and heard stores where they sometimes are in a hurry and don't bother to check everything and have had an ambulance go out to a scene and realize the cot wasn't in there en route, it was taken out for...
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    EMS Mnemonics (memory device)

    Its somewhat inappropriate but the best one I had from one of our volunteer instructors that assisted with our class was for remembering the order of strapping a pt to a 4 strap backboard, NNNN. Nipples, Nuts, kNees, Noggin Surprisingly no one managed to forget that one or the order.
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    Got my EMT-B, and now nowhere to go, how to maintain skill?...

    That worked for my practicals practicing, but after awhile the wife got tired of it =p
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    Volunteering question

    I considered something similar, the hospital nearby next county over allows for volunteers in the ED, but for the most part all your doing is changing out sheets and assisting in cleaning rooms, on the other hand you'r right there where you can chat/communicate and maybe make some connections...
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    NREMT repetitive questions, etc..

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    NREMT repetitive questions, etc..

    I took mine on a saturday, and it didn't show up until monday morning at about 09:45, I assume whatever process does the grading hasto be approved by human eyes that are only available between 8-5 m-f and then depending on their load(which since a semester just finished is probably high) may...
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    NREMT repetitive questions, etc..

    Last nremt-b I had to do all 120 questions, but I got the same question about whether to start cpr or check for a pulse after delivering a shock from an aed about 15 times in that test towards the end. I even verified I had put the right answer in afterword, I had felt that i had failed it and...