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  1. JT25

    Web Site Question

    Good Afternoon!! Has anyone used the Limmer Education Site to help study for NREMT AEMT test? If so what are your thoughts? Thanks
  2. JT25

    Hip Replacement Surgery Question

    Has anyone on here had or know of anyone who had a hip replacement surgery that works in EMS? If so how long did it take you to get back to work? Did the surgery make a difference?
  3. JT25

    NREMT - AEMT Exam

    Just took the A written test for the 4th time. And again I did not pass. I scored near passing in every section. The frustration level I have is beyond high. I have taken a refresher, used study guides, web sites, prayer and maybe a sacrifice or two (joke). I made really good grades in my...
  4. JT25

    Body Armor

    How do you feel about EMS providers wearing body armor. If you wear it is it required or choice. Does it "interfere" with job performance. If this topic has already been discussed please excuse me.
  5. JT25


    Does any one know of any available videos that could be used to help study with? I am exploring all angles of attack to pass the A-EMT exam.
  6. JT25

    Test Prep

    Does anyone use the MedicTest web site?
  7. JT25

    Need Help - Failed NREMT-Advanced Three Times

    Good Morning. I just got my results for the EMT-A NREMT exam and it was not good. This is the third time I have not passed. And now I have to take a remedial course. Has anyone taken one of these before? What can be expected of this? Very frustrated with this entire process..... Thanks