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    What are some easy states to gain reciprocity in with a standard NREMT-P? Arizona and Texas was super easy.
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    Cadaver lab

    Just recently started helping with my services cadaver lab training. Does anyone have any tips or tidbits to help make it interesting? Anything they've seen at another cadaver lab or have done
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    Pediatric scenario

    PART 1 You're a CCT flight crew dispatched to a sending facility ER for a transfer to a pediatric ICU. Radio report details 2yr old pediatric with sepsis & pneumonia. Intubated, GCS of 3. You arrive to find patient under sterile drapes with a ER physician placing a left IJ central line. You...
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    Discussion: LVL 1 vs LVL 2

    hello all, im working night shift and am bored. So one thing that has been bugging me the last few months is it seems like so many Level 2 trauma centers are opening up (especially in Texas), and when patients are taken there they seem to not act as up to standard as I feel they should (report...
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    Does anyone have experience using propofol or Ketafol as an induction agent for RSI? either pre-hospital or in the critically ill? if so. what dosage range do you use for the critically ill ? outside of the standard OR usage dose. Is there anything you can tell me about using these 2...
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    I came across this and thought it was just good education. I think that the BVM is one of the most improper used yet most valuable tool a clinician can have. i personally always use a PEEP valve, have NC at 15lpm, and try to have a two hand seal every time im using this thing.
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    My service will be transitioning to the intubrite video larygescopes and possibly regular scopes as well for DL. Can anyone give me any feedback/opinions/experience on this equipment ?
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    DSI, delayed sequence Intubation

    Has anybody implemented this into there protocol ? I've done it once to some success, but its not really in our protocols. It seems like its gonna be a new fad and just trying to gauge peoples experiences.
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    TXA and more

    Recently, my service just started carrying TXA. I am pretty excited because it seems like such a great drug (for now at least). But I am curious as to more applications than just trauma, IE: GI bleed, esophageal varices, hemmorragic stroke, blood thinner OD. And I am also curious as to how TXA...
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    Dopamine in septic shock

    So ive been told dopamine does not work in septic shock (although ive seen it in other peoples protocols). I was wanting to know the patho as to why it doesnt work. As well as why levophed does work .
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    calcium channel blocker/beta blocker OD

    I understand that you must give both calcium and glucagon for both overdoses . But can someone explain the patho behind this ?
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    humeral head IO

    recently ive been told by several smart paramedics that a humeral head IO flows just as quickly as a central line. I have noticed several ems systems going to the shoulder as there first line. I was wondering if anyone knew of more information pertaining to the matter. experience or studies
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    premier 911 systems

    hello all. ive been a paramedic for 4 years in a busy 911 system and im looking to move anywhere in the US. i was wondering if anybody knew of a "premier" or very respectable EMS systems around the country i could work for.